SolutionIP FLEX® Conference Creo

Take the Pain Out of Conference and Meeting Room Wi-Fi Administration.

SolutionIP FLEX® Conference Creo is a revolutionary new software program that gives conference and event administrators the ability to quickly and easily plan, create, schedule and manage conferences and events by simply automating the technical aspects of planning, preparing, and enabling the Wi-Fi network services. Todays automated conference tool.


  • Manage conferences and events from a centralized web-based dashboard
  • Plan and future and reoccurring conferences and events easily
  • Create conference templates for future or current events in advance
  • Schedule and allocate network resources on a per conference basis
  • Initiate conferences and make changes in real time
  • Assign role based access and responsibilities to specific staff and departments
  • Audit active and past conferences

SolutionIP FLEX® Conference Creo provides an easy to use web-based application that allows the management of active, upcoming and past conferences. Easy system administration for global  conference settings allows the administrator to add new conferences, set up user accounts, and view conference network attributes. Network resources  can be set to manage bandwidth as well as any other resources.  The reporting dashboard displays a wealth of information on current and past conferences, including user statistics and network resource analysis. Download Our SolutionIP FLEX® Conference Creo Document