Public Wi-Fi Access and Hotspot Management

Hospitality and Convention Centres

SolutionInc’s Internet connectivity, billing and management solutions for the hospitality and convention industries empowers guests with easy-to-use, seamless Internet access while providing the venue with opportunities for new revenue generation, marketing, brand presence and increased customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Enables guests and meeting/event attendees to easily self-register for Internet access without support from hotel staff
  • Offers tiered services and allows users to roam from one location to another without having to re-register. You can customize the service based on location within the property
  • Creates a service that is an extension of the brand by being consistent with corporate and/or regional standards on the mobile aware branded splash screens that are also multi-lingual capable.

Transportation - Airports and Travel Terminals (Wi-Fi for Buses and Ferries)

Staying connected on public transit is the best of both worlds – good for the environment and a great rider experience. It will enable travellers to easily book/change/check in on flights or trains and can also provide new revenue for the transportation hub.

  • Pay option to accommodate tiers of service such as free access (codes) to those with a monthly bus/ferry travel pass to increase monthly pass subscriptions

Recreational - Stadiums, Arenas, Campgrounds, Parks, Ski Centres

Staying connected at a game or event is what fans want in the venues they frequent. Public access Wi-Fi offers a great way to stay connected – especially for all those smart phone users who don’t have a wireless data plan. It can enrich the fan experience and create new revenue opportunities through sponsorship and advertising offerings as well as tiered access plans.

  • Generate net new revenue and traffic, increasing satisfaction and length of stay of visitors/members by providing convenient new service that enhances their experience
  • Create the service options that provide the right ROI for your patrons – for example - options for golf/country clubs to include Internet service in green fees or offer it free to VIPs and/or members

Healthcare - Hospitals, Waiting Areas, Long Term Care, Assisted Living Facilities

When seconds matter, staying connected matters. Patients and visitors can be more comfortable in a hospital stay or visit knowing they can access the Internet anywhere, anytime.

  • Provide pay-per-use service to patients/residents as well as visitors in waiting rooms, common areas, cafeteria, emergency room
  • Offer flexible authentication options for self-activation – no need for service orders reduces staff effort
  • Securely share infrastructure: offer different authentication methods and levels of access to different groups

Government and Institutions - Education, Administration Buildings, Libraries, Art GalleriesVisitor Centres

From tourists to tax payers, students to staff, public access to the Internet can enhance any visit to a public building or venue. It can create a more integrated experience, and since people can self-provision, minimize the impact on IT support.

  • Designed to enable billing flexibility for students/residents (option of including service in rent, student fees), as well as guests/visitors/alumni
  • Create tiers of service levels by time and/or bandwidth, to up-sell advanced options

Food and Beverage - Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Clubs

From social media fanatics to keeping in touch with the babysitter, staying connected in our favourite haunts has never been more popular. Wi-Fi is fast becoming the most important amenity that is not on the menu but definitely on our minds. SolutionInc can help you create a connected ambience that will please your crowd and keep them coming back for more.

  • Generate net new revenue and traffic, increase length of stay of visitors/members by providing convenient new service: increase food and beverage sales
  • Increase customer satisfaction and repeat business
  • Design a service specifically for your location – free for a finite duration, access codes for longer

Commercial - Condos, Apartments, Multiple Dwelling Units

High occupancy rate and low tenant turnover happens when your value proposition is better than the competition. Offering public access Wi-Fi can be a powerful amenity in your suite of services. From the lobby to other shared facilities throughout the property, tenants, visitors and guests will appreciate the convenience of staying connected.

  • Attract and keep new tenants by increasing tenant satisfaction
  • Increase value of property with infrastructure / service
  • Maximize efficiencies of connects/disconnects for tenants – users self-provision their own Wi-Fi access