Managed Wi-Fi Services : End-to-End Data, Network and Wi-Fi Solutions

Do you want a worry-free network? With over 20 years of experience, SolutionInc can evaluate, install, and manage your public access Internet network for you – so you can focus on what you do best. Whether it is a hotel or a hospital, resort or restaurant, we can ensure that your customers, visitors, patients, or guests are having a world class Wi-Fi or wired experience. We offer a broad range of deployment solutions and can customize a proposal to meet your needs and your budget. SolutionInc has the engineering and management expertise you need to plan for and implement a successful Internet connectivity, billing and management solution. We offer a full scope of professional services that ensure you receive:

  • Consistent User Experience
  • Network Discovery and Access
  • Authentication and Security
  • Service Experience
  • Fully Integrated End-to-End Network
  • End-to-End Service Provisioning
  • Network Management
  • Network Quality
  • Network Security

Project Management Adding Wi-Fi to your facility can be a big project. If you don’t have the internal resources to manage the project implementation, then we can do that for you. And more. SolutionInc provides program and project management services for a broad range of technical and networking projects.

Wi-Fi Network Consulting : Public Access Wi-Fi will only be as good as your total network can accommodate. Why not ensure that your entire infrastructure is working together effectively when you make the decision to add Wi-Fi for your patrons? SolutionInc can evaluate the communications network to ensure that the addition of a robust public access Internet solution will operate efficiently and effectively in your overall technology architecture.

Wi-Fi Network Design and Installation : From coverage to density, interference to capacity, network design can be challenging if you don’t have the appropriate expertise. SolutionInc’s network services provide you with the expertise you need to create a well-designed solution and ensure that you have an efficient installation and deployment. We can accommodate your business needs to ensure that transition is well-managed with minimal downtime.

Specialized Services and Customization : The SolutionIP® platform was designed with the ability to meet the requirements of many stakeholders within an organization. Should you require a custom feature, SolutionInc can work with you on the requirements and scope and can execute your request so that you get the solution that fits your needs like a glove. Does it need to interface with third party systems or proprietary program? Our development team is very experienced at creating specialty features and integration requirements.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics : Your Wi-Fi network can do more than provide your customers with a great Wi-Fi experience. It can become an important marketing tool. At SolutionInc, we will work with you to help you use your network to gain insight into customer activity that can help you exceed your business objectives. Have a look at the recent case study done by IBM when they teamed up with SolutionInc and dove into Big Data! IBM Case Study

Wi-Fi Network Site Assessment

SolutionInc’s Network Site Assessment service is available to assist in identifying customer requirements who need to deploy internet access services to new or existing locations.

Pre-Site Assessment SolutionInc will coordinate a pre-site meeting to explain the purpose and process involved in the Network Site Assessment. This meeting will identify: Scheduling, key site contacts and location(s), back office systems and requirements, internet service provider (ISP) information, business facilities and services inventory, known issues and concerns, service and business requirements.

On-Site Assessment SolutionInc will meet with the key site contacts to begin the Network Site Assessment to determine the following: Verify project plan, perform staff interviews, active and passive network/Wi-Fi site surveys, network service areas, infrastructure and equipment, public and private access requirements, review of business models, standards and brand requirements. 

Post-Site Assessment and Deliverables SolutionInc will deliver a comprehensive post-site Network Site Assessment report based on the following: High level project and deployment plan, Wi-Fi coverage heat maps, network map and inventory of network assets, recommendations and remediation, security enhancements, network and service performance, recommendation for wiring updates/upgrades, bill of materials (BOM) to meet requirements, assessment of existing network facilities and RF, full summary of recommendations to meet the service and business needs.

Technical Support and Training Services

At SolutionInc, we take a proactive and collaborative approach to customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our experienced team is trusted by our business partners around the world.

Technical Support : When offering high speed Internet in busy, high demand venues, it is imperative that the connection is always on and always reliable. SolutionInc's technical support is designed to assist the service provider to support the high-speed Internet system and its interoperability.

Technical Training : Technical training provides system administrators, engineering staff, IT staff and front desk staff with the appropriate level of information they require to use, administer and troubleshoot SolutionIP®.

End User Support : SolutionInc’s end user support team is committed to resolving issues that end users are having connecting the Internet and registering for service. SolutionInc’s end-user support is offered in English and French and is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Sales Training : Sales training services are available to provide a business partners’ sales teams with the information and tools they require to effectively promote and sell SolutionIP® software to their commercial customers. Training sessions can be provided at SolutionInc headquarters or on site at the customer’s location.

Rapid Deployment Wi-Fi Service

Are you an event organizer looking to offer public Wi-Fi during your festival or event?  We provide solutions for temporary Wi-Fi network infrastructure deployments for events and festivals. Our Rapid Deployment service can provide exceptional Wi-Fi service to your visitors. We deploy and manage the public Wi-Fi network to function optimally during your event. 

Our specialty is providing secure, fully managed public and private Wi-Fi technology solutions – whether it’s a permanent venue like in a conference center, hotel, park or apartment building – or whether you’re putting on a 2-3 day festival, single-day culinary event downtown, or a week-long sporting event, indoors or outdoors, we can help. Organizing the logistics to make your event a success require the experience and technology solutions of SolutionInc. 

The number of smart-phone users continues to grow, and thus the use of mobile Internet. The result is that more and more frequently in high density venues the mobile network is overloaded. To avoid this so-called ‘mobile meltdown’, SolutionInc delivers solutions that make it possible for limitless users to simultaneously use Wi-Fi, delivering high quality fairness of service, utilizing the most powerful, scalable, and advanced wireless network solutions currently available. Download our Rapid Deployment Wi-Fi Service Document

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