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Public Access Wi-Fi Management

Wi-Fi or great Wi-Fi? Your customers now want more than just Wi-Fi access everywhere. They are demanding an increasingly higher level quality of service (“QoS”). Yet many public Wi-Fi Hotspot deployments are owned or managed directly by venues. Recent research conducted by Maravedis- Rethink indicates that 50% of all commercial Hotspots are controlled by brands whose core business is not telecommunications. With so much internet traffic coming from streamed content, particularly video such as Netflix®, YouTube®, and Vine®, a managed Wi-Fi network is a must-have. With the patented SolutionIP® suite of products, you can ensure that your investment in public Wi-Fi will support more users, more traffic and more locations, plus deliver a high quality, secure and seamless Wi-Fi experience for your customers. SolutionInc will help you clarify your W-Fi business model.

SolutionIP FLEX® : Managed Gateway Service Platform That Maximizes Your Investment and Minimizes Your Time. 

SolutionIP FLEX® provides flexibility and manageability like no other public access Internet gateway. It is designed to create a world-class user experience in high demand public wired and Wi-Fi Internet access at hotels, convention centres, stadiums, and hospitals. Easy and efficient to install and manage, it provides multiple customization options including configurable tiered service classes for free and paid access, branded splash screens, conference and meeting room scheduler, multi-lingual capabilities and many more options including:

  • Location based Internet service providing flexibility to define end user connectivity packages – free or pay
  • Multiple device support linked to a single guest registration. Many individuals travel with a laptop, a tablet and a smart phone and will want all to be connected
  • SolutionIP FLEX® provides properties with options to limit the number of devices that can connect to the Internet and to introduce a fee for additional devices
  • Responsive web screens that can be tailored to reflect a specific brand or market
  • Conference and meeting room scheduler functionality
  • Valuable business intelligence
  • Multilingual capability for guest and administrative functions
  • Tool kit to configure property management systems and credit card systems
  • Centralized management and global policy settings

It includes an intuitive graphical user interface, BYOD support and multiple tiered service offerings.

Download our latest release document here or Contact us today to find out how to upgrade to SolutionIP FLEX® 9.4. Call 902 420 0077 ext 104 or Email upgrades@solutioninc.com

SolutionIP FLEX® Galaxy : Cloud-Based Managed Gateway Service for Wi-Fi Where You Want It

Your Wi-Fi can do more than just keeping your customers connected – it can create marketing magic! SolutionInc has a cloud-based managed Public Wi-Fi Access service for a single or multi-location business to ensure that your patrons can have a Wi-Fi experience that enhances their visit. With a branded splash page and other marketing and advertising capabilities, your customers will be back more often. Our robust solution provides a multitude of functionality requirements and options including:

  • Centralized Authentication, Management and Reporting
  • Branded Authentication Pages That Welcome Patrons and Take Them to Your Website or Social Media Page After Authentication
  • Bandwidth Management and Content Filtering
  • Free or Timed Access Plus Payment Options Including Credit Card Billing and Access Cards/Vouchers
  • Tiered Bandwidth Options For QoS and Location Based Billing Alternatives
  • Ability to Leverage Wi-Fi Into Your Marketing Strategies
  • Easy to Install and 24/7 Support

SolutionIP FLEX® Conference Creo : Take the Pain Out of Conference and Meeting Room Wi-Fi Administration

SolutionIP FLEX® Conference Creo is a revolutionary new software program that gives conference and event administrators the ability to quickly and easily plan, create, schedule and manage conferences and events by simply automating the technical aspects of planning, preparing, and enabling the Wi-Fi network services. Helping you easily plan your Wi-Fi management from start to finish. 

  • Plan and create future and recurring conferences and events easily
  • Initiate conferences and make changes in real time using our simplified interface
  • Logically configure the Wi-Fi Network to meet your event size
  • Schedule and allocate network resources on a per conference basis
  • Assign role based access and responsibilities to specific people and departments
  • Manage conferences and events from a centralized web-based dashboard
  • Audit active and past conferences from the centralized web-based dashboard
  • Create conference templates for current and future events in advance

Easy installation, licensing, and device setup makes conference and event Wi-Fi management a breeze. Contact us today to find out how you can simplify your conference and event Wi-Fi management.

SolutionIP FLEX® Fail Safe : Peace of Mind Knowing There Will Always be Continuity of Service for Your Wi-FI

Managing your public access Internet system with a SolutionIP FLEX® primary and redundant gateway ensures that Wi-Fi users will have a ‘fail safe’ experience with minimal access disruption. For venues that need 24 X 7 Wi-Fi access, such as hotels and healthcare facilities, having a fail-safe secondary gateway is imperative.

SolutionInc “Fail-Safe” or “Fail-over” gateway operates in hot-standby fashion. In our fail-safe configuration, there are two SolutionIP® gateways installed in parallel. The primary gateway operates as our standard Internet Gateway, providing IP provisioning, authentication and billing. The secondary gateway maintains constant communication with the primary gateway, and keeps up-to-date information on end-user registrations, packages and usage. The secondary gateway monitors the state of the primary gateway. If it determines the primary gateway has failed, it immediately assumes the role of the primary system and takes over routing network traffic.

By incorporating a fail-safe gateway into your solution, you can now enable/disable redundancy with the click of a button and simulate redundancy in a live working environment without the need to perform a disaster recovery that could impact users. Additional NIC support has been integrated with SolutionIP FLEX®. This enables a dedicated connection between SolutionIP FLEX® fail-safe systems and provides the total solution with an “always on” heart beat connection. Download our official release document here.