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Over the last 20 years, we have serviced kings, queens, prime ministers and presidents who have stayed in some of the most prestigious hotels in the world. The experience we have gained servicing these customers has best positioned us to serve customers and partners in today's explosive Wi-Fi.

Building on this experience, we have branched into markets beyond just hospitality. Our products & services have grown through experience and innovation to encompass all industries where people traverses and seek to get online. Working with our partners, including service providers, property owners and brand specialists, we collaboratively design, build, implement, manage, and support our customers business objectives and user experience expectations.  By working together, we clearly understand their business and technical objectives, and we deliver.

One thing we have learned is that there is no grey area in Wi-Fi service. It is very binary; it either works perfectly as designed or it sucks. 

We would love the opportunity to call you a member of our ecosystem as a customer or business partner. 



We Focus On Being 

Innovators in eSDN

Wi-Fi Network Operators

Integration Experts

Service Experts

Innovators in eSDN

Wi-Fi Network Operators

Integration Experts

Service Experts

Twenty Years of Simplifying Global Wi-Fi Access 

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Million Connections Globally


Million sq. ft. Convention Centre Space Served in Las Vegas


of 25 Of Worlds Largest Hotels


Countries Served


Hotel Guest Rooms

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