Patent & Trademark Information

Patent Information

SolutionIP® software is protected by the following patents: Canada Patent No. 2,404,543; China Patent No. ZL 00819160.3; China Patent No. 100547970C; France Patent No. 1240764; Germany Patent No. 1240764; Greece Patent No. 3070622; Hong Kong Patent No. HK1057953; Hong Kong Patent No. 100547970; Netherlands Patent No. 1240764; Spain Patent No. 1240764; Turkey Patent No. 1240764; United Kingdom Patent No. 1240764; United States Patent No. 7,007,080; United States Patent No. 7,526,538; United States Patent No. 7,356,841; United States Patent No. 7,502,841, United States Patent No. 8,054,804 B2.


Trademark Information

The following are trademarks of SolutionInc Limited in Canada and the United States. All other trademarks and brand names are the trademarks and brand names of their respective holders.

  • SolutionInc and S Design: TMA539,792
  • SolutionIT: TMA559,196
  • SolutionIP Design: TMA 571,596
  • RealIP and Design: TMA584,541
  • iVLAN & Design: TMA585,160
  • SolutionIP FLEX and Design: TMA4,196,282

SolutionInc Technical Support Toll free in North America 1.877.420.0077 
Outside North America 1.902.422.1619

5692 Bloomfield Street Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, B3K 1T2

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