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Your business has changed and you require unique and effective WiFi and Network Solutions to optimize your business operations. Your team deserves a wireless network that provides optimal performance and utilizes your hardware to its fullest extent; but it is difficult to optimize and tune a network without in-depth network expertise. Navigating BYOD (bring your own device) practices, increased IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, while maintaining network security is difficult; particularly if you do not have the technical resources to maximize these modern employee expectations. Our certified network technicians will serve as your trusted advisors to ensure your WiFi network is secure, designed properly, and running optimally. You know your business, we know networking technologies and hardware; allow us to serve as your site survey and network optimization resource to help improve your operations. 




Use SolutionInc For Your Office, Business, or Building Location 

Our WiFi and networking products and services are aimed at increasing efficiencies, boosting productivity, and controlling costs for organizations and businesses of any size and industry. These new and uncertain times have brought forth new rules and business practices; let us help you navigate your technology experience. 

Network Assessment & Survey

For businesses looking to understand the current state of their network, this analysis provides insight into the network and enables decisions to mitigate risks and make network improvements.

Network Design

Ideal for those businesses seeking a design plan that provides information and details on their ideal wireless network with recommended hardware and design criteria.

Network Implementation

Typically included with one of the previous services, this is for businesses requiring project management to coordinate and oversee WiFi and Network deployments in a high quality and timely manner.

Customizable Network Service Offering

Choose from a range of professional services to suit your needs and budget. Whether your office or building is new and requires network information for purchasing, or your existing location needs to optimize their existing network hardware, we have an offering to suit you.

Enable New Operational Technologies

Today’s offices are more than laptops and phones. Smart lights, IoT sensors, security cameras, and locking systems are also critical components. We will work with you to select, design, and integrate these new technologies into your network environment.

Complex Network Deployments

We do not shy away from a challenge and thrive on difficult deployments. If your business is in a remote location, has complex equipment and operations, does not fit the traditional mold, or has unique requirements, we are your partner to help get the job done.

Secure Staff BYOD Networks

Employees and contractors require bring your own device networks now more than ever, opening up a security risk to your network. We will assist with providing you with a secure and segregated network for BYOD devices, keeping your operational devices safe while allowing your team network flexibility with their devices.

On Board Visitors and Contractors

Enabling a contractor network with the ability to securely add devices needed to complete a contract is a pain staking task. Let us deliver a solution that automates access network, where you control the policies, level of access and touch points required to get a contractor online and operational.

Eliminate Rogue AV Networks

Enabling local teams the ability to connect and cast or control audio visual devices for meetings and presentations in your office is challenging, especially if you have multiple office locations with different network settings. We will show you how to standardize authentication for these critical AV technologies.

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