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WiFi in Convention Centres: 

Convention owners and managers know that business travelers and their companies have an expectation that they stay connected with their work day while they are on the move. This places increased pressure on convention and conference facilities to provide WiFi access to their attendees. Gone are the days of letter sending and phone calls. Now, attendees are connecting through email, twitter, various social media platforms, blogs, and so much more that put an emphasis on fast and reliable wireless technologies. Servicing trade show vendors is also increasing demands for a robust wireless network with high-tech displays, virtual reality technology, and multiple devices per person.  If you aren't offering attendees and vendors WiFi access, the result is simple: they won't do business at your events. 


What We Do For You:

With our WiFi coverage in convention centers, we have the experience to provide you with the robust wireless network to service your high traffic business that is also easy to implement and manage. Being able to set-up and manage a conference network is labor intensive and time consuming; we eliminate hours of prep and management for every conference with our products that allows you to focus are other priorities. To investigate further into the features and benefits of our products and services, take a peek at the points below. 


 Let's cut down on the hours of WiFi network management so you can focus on who is important: your customers. 

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Our Products and Services for Convention Centres 

SolutionIP FLEX® does it all in the internet gateway space. It is a public access internet gateway that provides dedicated or standalone convention and conference facilities unparalleled flexibility and manageability to timely manage their WiFi network. 

Conference Creo is the newest and easiest way to manage your conference and trade shows' WiFi networks. It gives you an easy to use web-based platform where you can manage and monitor these networks from your mobile device. 

We also have a variety of managed servicesprofessional services, and site services at your disposal to assist in all phases of your project, including end-user support and customization for a high-quality WiFi experience.

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Per Conference Customization 

Each conference and event has unique requirements and therefore you need to be able to customize their experience. To meet those objectives, our easy-to-use self-service portal allows you to quickly make changes and adjust the service offering based on each conference in your facility. Some conferences need charged services, others require daily access codes, and others want free service, which can all be accommodated simultaneously. Your sales, marketing and tech teams have the freedom to configure the groups easily, making your conferences smoother and well served. 

Easy Conference Management 

Managing your conference and event networks can be tedious. Our products integrate with your existing network infrastructure to provide you seamless on-boarding of wired and wireless devices that require Internet access. Enabling access points, VLANs, switches, or ports for specific locations, or applying network changes for a preset date and time are two examples of how your team will save time with our platform. You manage, plan, create, initiate, change, copy and remove conferences in real-time, eliminating man hours from each conference network that you set up. An easy tool for your team that also saves you time. 

Minimal IT Support Required

WiFi sign-on portals for vendors and attendees are easy to use which means that your IT staff are rarely required to help users. Quick and simple sign-on is something that we thrive on, with numerous authentication options. Instead,  you're looking for top-of-the-line end-user support, we have a customer service centre that eliminates the worry too. 

Business Analytics Engine 

We want to help you prove your assumptions. We want to give you justification to make purchasing decisions. We want you keep your conference attendees and vendors happy by ensuring they have constant and reliable Internet access.  Our analytics engine does all that, and more. We'll help you decrease your network and system management while simultaneously providing you transparent and actionable information about your network. 

Customize Regional Brand Settings

You need and want the control over the branding of your WiFi experience, and we give it to you. Everything from the look and feel, to welcome messaging, advertising, languages, and so much more. The settings specific to your network are customized based on every installation, which considers how your attendee or vendor interacts with your network. Your sales & marketing team is able to complete design and messaging changes for each conference, have your sales team customize the physical locations specific for each conference, but still keep those technical changes for your tech teams eyes only. Your brand will be stronger, and your team will be freed up for other tasks. 

Want More? 

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