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Reliable WiFi for Convention Centres and Conferences

Convention center managers and event organizers know that business travellers and their companies expect to stay wirelessly connected while they are on the move. This places increased pressure on convention and conference facilities to provide stable and reliable WiFi access to their conference and event attendees when venue competition for conferences is set to increase. 

Providing vendors with an easy WiFi onboarding experience for their technology needs is also painful and public WiFi networks can easily become congested and offer a poor user experience. Our WiFi network expertise and site survey experience enable us to provide you with a thorough review of your network to provide you with a high-throughput software solution that automates many of your day-to-day conference network activities, while providing your conference attendees with stable WiFi. 




Why Use SolutionInc For Your Conference Centre Wireless Internet 

With our WiFi coverage in your convention center, venue, event space, or meeting room, your attendees will experience a reliable WiFi service for their business and presentation needs. If you are struggling to segregate your conference network resources, or have increasing complaints from vendors on WiFi coverage, contact us to assist in distributing your network consistently. We empower you to set up and manage your conference network by eliminating the labor-intensive network preparation and management that every event demands. Our products allow you to focus on your other priorities. 

Conference Network Customization

The WiFi requirements for each meeting and conference is different; our tool gives you the power to customize your venue WiFi zones for each event, including custom business rules and splash pages.

Schedule Conference Network Resources

Our network management tool allows anyone to plan and create conference networks ahead of the event start, regardless of their technical skills. We ensure your network is set-up to properly automate the hard work later.

Vendor WiFi Onboarding System

Provide vendors and sponsors with an easy device onboarding system to quickly and easily add and manage their technology to your venues WiFi network, keeping the traffic separate from attendees.

Manage and Monitor Conference WiFi Usage

Our conference management tool, accessible on your mobile device, allows you to make network changes quickly and easily as they are needed to provide your vendors and attendees premium WiFi coverage.

Customized Conference WiFi Business Rules

Offer different WiFi authentication and business rules, providing your attendees and vendors with increased flexibility. Charging to a credit card, providing free service in public areas, and offering tiered access for multiple devices are just a few options.

Brand Venue WiFi For Sponsors

Everything from look and feel, to welcome messaging, advertising, languages, and so much more. We give you the tools to customize the design settings of the WiFi welcome page for each conference or meeting network.

Guest Support Services

Adding our 24/7 help desk ensures that your attendees, sponsors and IT staff will always have access to a knowledgeable team to aid them with their questions. Available for guest support and in-depth technical support.

On-Premise and Cloud Solutions

Depending on the type of deployment, take your choice of our on-premise or cloud WiFi solutions which offer a variety of features to suit the business requirements. Consider white-labelling our solution to sell with your suite of products.

Bandwidth Control

Our bandwidth control service allows you to control the speed offerings available to your guests without the need for significant network management. Offer WiFi services based on speed and billing options to avoid having bandwidth hogs.

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