Corporate Networks

Corporate Networks: 

Corporate network performance must have a great network with dependable WiFi; there is no way around it. Corporate network access and segregation for all sizes of companies can be a nightmare when managed incorrectly. Large organizations with dynamic WANs (wide area networks) and security requirements are environments where guest, contractor, BYOD (bring you own device) and IoT (internet of things) network segregation is a priority to secure. 


What We Do For You: 

The products and services that we offer are broad. We are not a managed service provider that takes a standard kit from a manufacturer and installs it; we are an enterprise software defined networking (eSDN) company with twenty years of experience. We have developed and built network automation tools that secure your corporate and BYOD networks ensuring that you have a worry-free network operating in your business. With us, you have the ease of management while your team has the high-quality business solution they expect. If we've piqued your interest, consider reading a few more specifics in the panel below.


 Let's revamp your office network together. 

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Our Products and Services for Enterprise

We offer both on premise and cloud solutions suiting any situation.

SolutionIP FLEX® Galaxy, is the next generation of Internet gateway. This cloud-based public access Internet gateway can service single or multiple business locations ensuring quality of service to all visitors.

If you're concerned about a cloud-based solution and looking for something on-premise, try SolutionIP FLEX®. This on-premise Internet gateway provides you with the security and manageability of hardware on site, with a high quality and seamless experience for WiFi users. 

Whether you have a high traffic office building, a small office space, or are a building manager of an MDU (multi-dwelling unit), we have a variety of managed servicesprofessional services, and site services at your disposal to assist in all phases of your project, including end-user support and customization for a high-quality WiFi experience.

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Network Operations Center as a Service

With our NOCaaS offering, you'll eliminate the monitoring, alerting, patching and change management layer of your network by augmenting your IT Team with ours. Our ability to set-up and manage your corporate network, as well as apply industry best practices and network automation tools will bring assurance and security to your network core. With our ability to easily layer and automate a lot of the authentication and access functions, you'll soon be managing changes in your network with a quick phone call or web portal request. This service enables our partners to focus on customer relationships and allows our mutual customers to gain access to a services team with the experience in managing and automating global networks.

Bandwidth Control

Our bandwidth control service allows you to control the speed offerings available to your users without the need for significant network management. Offering various bandwidth services ensures that offices and devices that require higher bandwidth allocation receive it or in contrast, don't hog it from other users. Just another way that we enable you to make business changes that work for you. 

Actionable Business Intelligence

We love helping you prove your assumptions correct. We love when your office team praises you for having easy and reliable systems. Our analytics engine is a part of making that happen by helping you be more proactive with vital systems to ensure that your network is operating smoothly. It gives you the information for your single or multiple office installation ensuring that you have up to date and past date information. You'll be quicker with operations which makes everyone happy. 

Office Visitors and Contractors 

If you run a business where visitors such as contractors, suppliers and customers who frequently visit your facilities for extended periods of time, giving them an insecure public WiFi network may not be enough. Enabling a contractor network with the ability for them to securely add additional devices needed to complete their contract is a pain staking task often left incomplete. Let us deliver a solution where we set up an automated access network, where you control and set policies while controlling the level of access and touch points required to get someone online and operational. From timed access tokens that unlock a personal area network and cloud router for a specific team or a contractor to authentication tied to a database of approved and authenticated visitors and anything in between; we allow you to manage your network smarter while offering more services with less effort.

Secure BYOD Networks 

Our experience in guest access spans over 20 years, and today it is more relevant than ever. IoT, BYOD (bring your own device) and other un-trusted network access requests are piling into your or your customers IT Teams. Whether you are a large enterprise wanting to offer WiFi for your staff without risking access to your corporate network - or you are a national chain and want to offer both BYOD for staff, and free pubic access to your customers -  our products and services enable seamless and automated access, with rich detailed analytics and reporting on usage.

Eliminate Rogue AV Networks 

Having lots of offices, all with AV Networks and devices that could differ at each property is tough to manage. Enabling local teams the ability to connect and cast or control those devices corporately is challenging.  Introducing vendors and contractors into the mix and all bets are off as we help by adding automation into the network and authenticating anyone to a meeting room network with ease. Let us show you how. 

Network Assessments

If you need an opinion on what is happening on your network, or are interested in upgrading and want to assure you are maximizing your spend, call us to help.  Full network assessments, suggested architecture and procurement, configuration, installation and training services are all available from our Professional Services team. We work with many hardware manufactures allowing us to look at your situation and focus on symptoms and applications so that we are able to make the best recommendations for you. We find that there is a very competitive landscape and our customers want to spend time focusing on delivering services to their teams while relying on our experience and industry knowledge to lead them through an upgrade or redesign. Consider us and our partners are an extension of your IT Team.

Want More? 

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