Wi-Fi in Education

WiFi in Education: 

We all know that children are the future of our world, and as such, we need them to be excited about their learning. Classroom technologies are evolving rapidly and becoming more than just a useful resource, they are becoming a global staple and an increasingly powerful tool. With these growing student, parent, and administrator demands though, comes a scary reality in management of these wireless devices. WiFi enabled devices need to be managed appropriately to ensure the security of everyone involved, while also enabling student growth and connectivity. 


What We Do For You: 

We will help you manage your complex network infrastructure to provide your faculty, administrators and students with a "like-home" WiFi experience while they seek higher learning. We work with grade schools to ensure teacher control over technology and security of all devices within their classroom network. We work with higher education in colleges and universities to ensure that students can on-board their plethora of devices in their dorm room without the need of IT staff assistance. Regardless of the site of your educational institution, we'll customize our offering to ensure that you're able to leverage classroom technologies to engage your students.  To check out the ABC's of the features and benefits of our products and services, take a look at the points below. 


 Let's revolutionize classroom technologies through WiFi together. 

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Our Products and Services for Education 

SolutionIP FLEX® does it all in the internet gateway space. It is a public access internet gateway that provides grade school and higher education facilities a "like-home" WiFi experience coupled with ease of management on the network. 

We also have managed servicesprofessional services, and site services at your disposal to assist in all phases of your project, including cost effective site surveys and customization for a high-quality WiFi experience.

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Network Visibility and Alerting

Empower your IT staff with unparalleled visibility into your network infrastructure. Students staying up late to finish assignments, or crazy youngsters with a plan to use the internet in class are not going to be happy if the Internet is down. Having visibility and alerting ensures that the time to remedy problems drastically decreases, lessening frustration to users claiming "the Internet is down". 

Save Time 

The beginning of the school year or semester is a stressful time for everyone. Eliminate the line-up at the IT desk by giving students, teachers, professors, and professionals the ability to on-board their own devices through that dandy self-serve portal we mentioned. Your IT team will have the ability to service other technology concerns which in turn makes everyone's experience a better one.  Not to mention, your users will be happy not to have to stand in line-up to wait for help - they can save that for the library. 

Unique Enterprise Software Defined Networking Capabilities

Our products have been designed to uniquely service the eSDN needs of universities and grade schools. Students are no longer connecting to WiFi through an open public network. They're using a self on-boarding portal to authenticate and are prompted to create their own Student Area Network (SAN - yes, just like a PAN but for students), from a portal that they manage.  You, the IT team, are able to manage and respond quickly to business or network changes and shape the traffic on your network. You have the added control that eSDN technologies promote, and the students have added convenience. 

Self On-Boarding Portal

Before we talk about how great this portal is, let's talk about what you're going to do with this new free time... Because the beginning of the school year is going to be a lot less stressful for your IT team. 

Your students, teachers, professors, and professionals are prompted to set-up their own private area network (PAN) when they first log into the WiFi. Once set-up, they are able to add and delete devices from their PAN securely without impacting others using the network. The number of devices individuals carry is increasing rapidly and on-boarding those non-traditional devices (printers, gaming systems, etc), is a hassle for IT staff, just ask them. With this self managed portal, students manage it themselves. 

WiFi Usage Analytics 

We want to prove your assumptions right. We want to give you justification to make purchasing decisions. We want you keep your students, teachers, professors, and staff happy by ensuring the have constant and reliable Internet access. Our analytics engine does all that, and more. We'll help you be proactive with vital systems to ensure that your network is operating smoothly. We'll help you ensure that your capital decisions are paying off and when you need to consider upgrades. You'll have insights into usage and patterns that you've never thought of before. 

Roam with Your Network

No one is tied to their office or dorm anymore. Students, teachers, professors, and professionals need to be free to roam their campus without any need to re-authenticate. Our products allow for them to move about their facilities while staying connected to their personal area network (PAN). They don't have to re-authenticate and are able to use their devices from anywhere within the network. Need to print to your dorm room? No problem, and no need to call IT Support, either. 

Want More? 

Woah! You've read all these points and still want to learn more? We'd love for you to drop us a note so we can start a conversation. 

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