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Students and staff today are carrying a multitude of WiFi-enabled devices, roaming all over campuses with high expectations of connectivity. Pressure has increased on Colleges and Universities to keep up with supporting network demands.

The desire for a "home-like" experience is growing. On-campus residences, faculty offices, common areas and classrooms need to offer students and staff WiFi access. University or College IT staff are typically overrun with staff and student requests to assist with device onboarding, causing increased stress and little time to focus on other priorities.

Our network products and services uniquely support the need for an easy-to-use and secure onboarding process to ensure staff and students are able to get their devices online quickly and with little help from technical support. This keeps the campus relevant and up to date on today's technology needs and students and staff happy. 


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Our Private Network Group (PNG) functionality and 24/7/365 user support address technical concerns by providing a solution for modern learning. PNGs are logical segments of a network that allow for the separation of devices and data traffic on a shared network infrastructure - something that technical staff could accomplish on their own but would be cumbersome to manage and would require detailed expertise and regular maintenance. This module, alongside our technical support, offers users secure network access with little manual and technical work. 

Private Network Groups

Private Network Group functionality provides a secure WiFi connection that enables the students and faculty to create and self-manage their devices and their network. Empower your users with their own secure mini network by utilizing our functionality.

Self On-Boarding Portal

Put your users in the driver’s seat. Empowering them to manage their own PNG means less demand on your network specialist. End users manage everything on their own, allowing your team to focus on other important activities.

Roam With The Network

Allow your students to roam your campus while remaining on the network, ensuring they never have to reconnect. Or allow them continuous access to their PNG, campus wide to ensure ease-of-use while encouraging facility usage.

Easy To Use

Ensuring that users can easily on-board and manage their devices on a WiFi network is pertinent to our customers to minimize their need to assist end-users. Our system has been designed simplistically to ensure ease of use for any user demographic.

Cost Savings

Capitalize on operational savings through user self-management and automation with our PNG functionality. Mitigate time spent on supporting end-users, allowing you to focus on other priorities.


Providing a user with their own PNG ensures that they have a secure space for all of their devices, separate from other users on their network. Adding that peace of mind cultivates trust with the institution, which ensures loyalty.

Custom Authentication Options

Campuses have the option of offering multiple authentication options based on their needs. These authentication options may offer different business requirements, such as location, type of user, or availability of technology, for examples.

Seamlessly Add IoT Devices

From their page, students may add their WiFi enabled devices, such as laptops and phones, along with managing their headless/smart devices such as gaming consoles, smart sensors or other IoT (Internet of Things). A convenient location for all device types.

Profile Verification

Upon creation of their PNG profile, an email is sent and the user must verify their account in order to ensure validity and security. The email address is used as a unique identifier for each PNG user. Other methods of profile verification are available upon request.

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