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Reliable WiFi for Events 

Events big and small, indoor and outdoor, are facing a growing expectation from fans, patrons, attendees and sponsors to provide a fast and reliable WiFi experience. Fans want to stream the concert to their social media or capture the game-winning touchdown; they are constantly hunting for that viral moment during their event experience. Sponsors and vendors are expecting to have a smooth WiFi on-boarding experience for their technologies at your venue to serve fans faster. This places increase pressure on stadiums, arenas, outdoor venues, and conference spaces to provide a stable and reliable WiFi access system. 

Providing a high-throughout, easy to use event WiFi experience is our specialty. Our certified network technicians will ensure that your venue, large or small, will have consistent coverage with the right technology to meet your event requirements. We have experience with indoor and outdoor deployments and understand that your stadium or venue has a lot of moving parts and varying event types. We will work with you to ensure a high-quality fan WiFi experience. 




Why Use SolutionInc For Your Event Wireless Internet 

With our WiFi coverage in your event venue, your fans, patrons, attendees and sponsors will experience a reliable public WiFi service for their streaming, marketing, or browsing needs. Choose from a variety of our tools, including WiFi marketing which allows you to enable new advertising features or wayfinding applications - making for a better fan experience. Learn more about how our WiFi and network products and services will work for your stadium, venue, or event. 


WiFi System Integrations

Our integration services allows us to integrate with most property management systems, control and automation systems and whatever other content or advertising system that you have. You have more sophisticated network management while your fans gain access to their content.

Vendor WiFi Onboarding System

Provide vendors and sponsors with an easy device onboarding system to quickly and easily add and manage their technology to your venues WiFi network, keeping the traffic separate from fans. Keep your fans and your vendors happy by providing separate and secure WiFi authentication pages.

Get Fans Online Quickly

Your fans expect to be online in seconds and they don’t care that the network is being bombarded with thousands of people. Getting people online quick and easy is our specialty, and we even have threshold analytics so you can see if you’re reaching a maximum threshold on your network.

Scalable Event WiFi Solutions

Some of your events may be intimate whereas others may have a high capacity; our WiFi solutions fit any size event. Our systems are designed to handle large groups of people with ease so your fans and guests are not frustrated with their event WiFi experience.

Customized Event WiFi Business Rules

Offer different WiFi authentication and business rules, providing your fans and vendors with increased flexibility. Charging to a credit card, providing free service in public areas, force them to watch a video advertisement, or tiered access for multiple devices are just a few options.

Brand Venue WiFi For Sponsors

Everything from the WiFi authentication pages look and feel, to welcome messaging, advertising, languages, and so much more. We give you the tools to customize the design settings of the WiFi welcome page for each event, allowing you to fulfill your sponsorship requests.

Event WiFi Support Services

Adding our 24/7 help desk ensures that your fans, sponsors and IT staff will always have access to a knowledgeable team to aid them with their questions. Available for fan/user support and in-depth technical support.

On-Premise and Cloud WiFi Solutions

Depending on the type of deployment, take your choice of our on-premise or cloud WiFi solutions which offer a variety of features to suit the business requirements. Consider white-labelling our solution to sell with your suite of products.

WiFi Bandwidth Control

Our bandwidth control service allows you to control the speed offerings available to your fans and vendors without the need for significant network management. Offer WiFi services based on speed and billing options to avoid having bandwidth hogs.

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