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At SolutionInc, we look at Guest Entertainment systems as not just a necessity for the guests. We see this as an opportunity for the Clinical IT Teams to enhance the facilities’ clinical network and drive more security and reliability while still giving a modern and innovative patient entertainment and information experience. With our leading edge WiFi gateway and experienced distribution partners, we are bringing new solutions to this market. Not only do our solutions keep a patient entertained, but we look for ways to keep patients informed, connected and educated through our complete systems that allow for video streaming, social media, games, bed side meal ordering, talking to a nurse or even seeing when their next visit from the Doctor will be. 

In no other industry does an IT team have to operate a network with such critical technologies as a Hospitals Clinical Network. These IT teams are being asked to introduce more risk to these networks daily by adding Public WiFi, vendor networks, IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, building security augmentations, and the list goes on. Every connection adds risk to the equation; each device could be the one that causes an issue. Interfering with a life critical system that is keeping someone alive or monitoring a very critical situation for a patient is a very real concern. Our systems offer a new backbone to take all “non-trusted” applications off of your clinical network and move them to a physically separated infrastructure that not only runs guest entertainment, but Public and Staff WiFi, untrusted IoT devices and anything else that could need to be added.

SolutionInc Patient Entertainment Solutions are more than just a screen hanging near a bed with TV services; we offer a new age solution to Patient Entertainment, Patient Outcomes, and Patient Education along with a network offloading option for Clinical Network staff.

For those looking to only add public access WiFi to their network, or those organizations seeking to offer new and improved services through technology, we are your partner in these technologies. Our products and services allow your IT team to make it easy for patients, health care professionals, and visitors to access the necessity of WiFi in any health care facility. Whether you are a clinic, long-term care facility, hospital, or doctor’s office, we will help you to provide a seamless and simple WiFi experience. Alongside our global WiFi, leveraging our patient entertainment and engagement platform will assist you to modernize your facility to meet today's patient needs. This platform empowers patients to become more active with their care, while providing them with access to video content, games, and meal ordering systems to maximize comfort during their stay. Whether you wish to show video content explaining a condition or self-care remedy, or you wish to provide access to entertainment, we will help you get there. 


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  Patient Entertainment & Education 

Our patient entertainment and education platform is available either on a facility provided tablet or accessible with BYOD (bring your own device) alternative to providing content. Using this tool empowers the patient to become engaged in their health allowing for interactive education content related to their needs.

With a completely customizable guide and menu system, the look and feel of this platform will match your vision, brand and demographic.  Working with our team during the initial stages of implementation ensures that the design and functionally that you want your patients to experience is prevalent. Every Heath Care organization is different, and we want to ensure that we provide you with system is customized and configured to match your needs. We have included an image of a type of menu system, however we have the ability to match your corporate websites look, feel and navigation as well (for example) to provide a seamless experience for those on your site, and staying at your facilities.

    We enable the patient to access a modern system and make it easy by suggesting the design and having a simple landing page (like the image above) with large buttons. Most menus will only be 2 to 3 layers deep which enables simple navigation and ease of usability for all patients.

    Our entertainment package leverages easy to use video streaming services that are local to the network. We deliver this content through formal content licensing procedures approved by CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications) and will provide access to live linear TV content for guests to get access to local sports, news and various local and national channels to keep them informed and entertained during their stay. We customise a channel line up for your organization and are not limited to 12 channels; ensuring that we are providing the right package for your patients is easy.

    Our educational video platform enables patients to access hospital provided videos to help them become educated on the procedure or ailment that they are currently dealing with and what they should be doing when they leave the facility to aid in their recovery. This provides them with the ability to learn at their own pace by accessing educational videos that your facility will provide and upload to the system on demand.

    With the ability to access games and social media on a facility provided tablet (BYOD users are pushed to use their own devices access for these), your patients can stay connected with their loved ones during their stay, and our system will automatically wipe the device from patient specific data once they are cleared to go home and have left the facility. Users on BYOD will only have access to the content while they are connected to the facilities network and authenticated as a patient. The ability to provide access to educational videos after they leave remains so they can watch and re-watch the educational videos you need them to while securing the system.


      Patient Requests & Feedback

    Expedite patient requests by implementing a request system through our WiFi enabled patient engagement platform. This allows your patients to make requests of your staff in order to provide the best health outcome which promotes trust between the patient and their health care providers. It also allows patients to provide their timely feedback with a customize survey on staff to mediate any future problems and ensure that everyone is providing optimal care. 

    With a quick and easy to use nurse call out feature, we integrate into current systems or provide desk staff with a device that is linked to the patients for interaction that remains at their desk. Patients can quickly and easily ask questions via voice and video that may save your medical support and care staff additional trips to each room to see what is happening. If the request is a simple question, the nurse can answer it quickly saving them a trip and keeping them working efficiently.

    One of our major differentiators is our integration and partnership with Well iQ - a leading patient feedback platform in the USA. This feature gives our clients a proven, innovative option for patient feedback and interaction. This real- time patient feedback is used to improve upon patient outcomes.

    Our systems are configured depending on the level of integration with your current in-house systems- prompting patients directly, after a visit from a nurse or doctor, to provide feedback on their interaction. This incredible tool can be utilized by HR teams to power incentive programs and gain access to real-time patient feedback on staff performance. This data can be used for service recovery efforts, staff performance appraisals, as well as staff and organizational optimization. 

    This feature enhances the patient experience by strengthening the patient- provider bond in a way that encourages responsiveness. Post- stay paper or online surveys suffer from low patient response rates (in many cases 1-3%), whereas Well iQ surveys have, on average, provided over 50% patient response rates. You will receive massive amounts of data on your employees- all from the patient’s perspective.

    From an employee talent, development and retention perspective, this valuable feedback can be utilized for recruiting, training, as well as recognition / reward- helping to reduce the hard and soft costs of employee turnover. In this particular vocation, it is easy to get complaints but very hard to get compliments to recognize your staff. This system encourages positive feedback, which helps your organization create a culture of pride and accountability that drives improved levels of service.

    We give your patients a voice through an easy to use mobile experience that is enabled to work on and off the facility. Depending on your level of monitoring, this allows for responses to patient feedback in real time- revolutionizing the care provided in your facilities and creating a very measurable, client- centric service delivery center.


       Connectivity & Features 

    SolutionIP Flex Patient has many features and benefits that you will not find in the market today with traditional suppliers, as our solution was designed to maximise your investment and provide additional value outside of a new way to consume linear television. We find the market offers an easy to use video platform with a few extra features beyond your traditional TV screen mounted bedside, and have not considered the overall IT operations of the facility and have not looked for ways to provide another layer of value with their solutions to Patients and Staff combined. At SolutionInc – we have done just that.


      Network Infrastructure: Overlay or New

    Your facilities infrastructure is complex and changing vendors, hardware or details is challenging. We work to either incorporate our products and services into your existing network or create a whole new and separate network. Regardless of how you want it configured, we'll work to make sure it fits so you save time and money to get exactly what it is you need. Contact us to learn more about how we tailor our installation to fit the needs of your site. 


      Patient Authentication

    Are you a patient connecting to WiFi? Well during the authentication process, we will verify you are a patient and move your connection to the service group that we offer patients. Likewise, health care facilities may offer various patient groups that allow over night patients access to all services and people in for a day procedure to get a lighter set of services. From there, the patient will be prompted to go to a local website (example: http://bedside) or to download an application or the tablet provided when the patient arrived will have everything built in they need to access. 


      Securely Share Infrastructure

    Are you a nurse looking to have a personal device connected to WiFi? No Problem. Once authenticated, our system will push that device to the Staff WiFi network service allowing them to access the public Internet with any restrictions that we may have applied to the service on your behalf. Enabling your staff access to the Internet allows them to provide premium care whether it be to check the weather for patients travelling out of town, contacting other health care providers to check on symptoms, or even checking hours of other facilities to ensure the correct information is shared with patients. WiFi connection is ensuring everyone is operating at their best.


       IoT Device Network Segregation

    Are you a Clinical Network technician looking to off load some network services? You will log into our management portal, allocate a facility-based network and will be able to add and remove devices with ease. Once those devices hit the network, we use dynamic allocation technology to move them to the right security group and give them the network connection they need to operate. This keeps them off your clinical network but still gives you the control to add, remove and modify your IoT networks without introducing any risk to your clinical systems.


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