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Patient Entertainment, WiFi and TV Systems 

In no other industry does an IT team have to operate a network with such critical technologies as a Hospital's Clinical Network. These IT teams are being asked to introduce more risk to these networks daily by adding public WiFi, vendor networks, IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, building security augmentations, and the list goes on. Finding ways to integrate and offer patient feedback systems are also adding pressure on HealthCare IT staff. 

For facilities offering patient WiFi and entertainment (TV) today, we see this as an opportunity for IT teams to offload patient entertainment, WiFi and IoT technologies from the clinical network by leveraging external vendor connections. A patient entertainment solution should have options: whether it be simplistic and keep a patient entertained by giving them access to WiFi and a source to view television, or have the ability to scale and keep patients informed, connected and educated through complete systems that allow for video streaming, social media, games, bed side meal ordering, talking to a nurse or checking the time of their next Doctor visit. 

The SolutionInc patient WiFi & entertainment solutions are more than just a screen hanging near a bed with cable TV; we offer a modern, interactive solution to patient entertainment and hospital TV systems. 




Use SolutionInc For Your Interactive Patient and Staff Experience

Are you looking for an alternative solution or are you interested in upgrading your outdated hospital cable TV systems that have been in market for decades? Are you trying to enhance your public WiFi, or seeking new and improved patient services through technology upgrades? We are your partner in these technologies. Our products and services allow your IT team to make it easy for patients, health care professionals, and visitors to access the necessity of WiFi in any health care facility. Whether you are a clinic, long-term care facility, hospital, or doctor’s office, we will help you to provide a seamless and simple WiFi and patient entertainment experience. 


Hospital or Clinic WiFi Connectivity & Network Infrastructure

Existing VS Overlaid Infrastructure

We work to either incorporate our products and services into your existing network infrastructure or create a whole new and separate network.

Multiple Network Authentication Options

Choose complex or simple WiFi authentication options for your guests, patients, and staff members. Could include patient/staff numbers or requiring a downloaded application.

Securely Share Infrastructure

Allow your users to securely share network resources while remaining separated from the infrastructure meant to operate your life saving equipment.

IoT Device Segregation

Securely manage clinical devices to the network and we will use our dynamic allocation technology to move them to the right security group and give them the network connection they need to operate.

Patient Entertainment & Education 

Video Streaming

Our entertainment package leverages easy to use video streaming services that are local to the network. We customise a channel line up for your organization and are not limited to 12 channels; ensuring that we are providing the right package for your patients is easy.

Educational Video

Our educational video platform enables patients to access hospital provided videos to help them become educated on the procedure or ailment that they are currently dealing with and what they should be doing when they leave the facility to aid in their recovery.

Games & Social Media

Provide access to games and social media on a facility tablet or a user owned device, to allow patients to stay connected with loved ones. Our system will automatically wipe a facility device of patient data once they have left the facility.

Patient Feedback Platform

Expedite patient requests by implementing a request system through our WiFi enabled patient engagement platform. This allows your patients to make requests of your staff in order to provide their best health outcome.

Bed Side Meal Orders

Integrate our patient platform with your meal ordering system to eliminate the hassle of paper orders and expedite your meal delivery operations. Contact us with your meal ordering system to have it integrated.

Expedite Patient Requests

With a quick and easy to use nurse call out feature, we integrate into current systems or provide desk staff with a device that is linked to the patients for interaction that remains at their desk.

Customizable Guide/Menu

With a completely customizable guide and menu system, the look and feel of this platform will match your vision, brand and demographic. Our team ensures that the design and functionally that you want your patients to experience is relevant.

Tablet or BYOD Options

Our patient entertainment and education platform is available either on a facility provided tablet or accessible with BYOD (bring your own device) alternative to providing content which empowers patients.

Modern System Applications

We enable the patient to access a modern system and make it easy by suggesting the design and having a simple landing page with large buttons for ease of use. Applications could include games, TV, social media, or educational content.

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