Hotel Managed WiFi Products and Services  

Hospitality is evolving rapidly and traveller habits, especially in recent years, have changed drastically. In order to stay competitive, your WiFi and network needs must shift with traveller expectations. Guests expect an excellent, consistent WiFi experience, similar to how they expect the lights to work and water to run. Our patented and proven products and services meet every need of today's modern traveller to ensure you stay competitive in this complex market. 

We have extensive experience working with hospitality partners and know how to navigate this complex and established industry. We have served as innovators and trusted advisors in the hospitality industry since our inception in 1997 and are founding and current members of the Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) Organization. Understanding and evolving with hospitality is in our nature and has helped us to gain a deep understanding of your guests' network needs. We will be your guide, your advisor, your confidant and your partner. 




Use SolutionInc For Your Hotel Public WiFi Network

With more than twenty years of experience working with hotels and their partners, we know how to work together to provide a stellar guest WiFi experience. We offer unique hospitality partner opportunities and will support you in your ventures to ensure you come out ahead of the competition. 

Fail Safe Redundancy System

Our Fail-Safe hot standby system ensures that your WiFi never goes down. Should anything happen, the back-up will automatically and fully restore your network, giving you time to fix issues without impacting your guests.

PMS and POS Integration

We have an extensive list of property management systems (PMS) and point of sale systems (POS) on our roster to ensure that the guest information and transactions you need flows freely from our WiFi portal.

Conference Network Management

This conference and meeting room management tool allows you to seamlessly manage the planning, scheduling and creation of your guest network resources across your meeting room and conference facilities.

Guest Support Services

Adding our 24/7 help desk ensures that your guests and IT staff will always have access to a knowledgeable team to aid them with their questions. Available for guest support and in-depth technical support.

On-Premise and Cloud Solutions

Depending on the type of deployment, take your choice of our on-premise or cloud WiFi solutions which offer a variety of features to suit the business requirements. Consider white-labelling our solution to sell with your suite of products.

IoT Connectivity

Our custom hospitality IoT (internet of things) security solutions provide best practice device security logic and management for companies looking to deploy an array of sensors, meters, and other devices.

Bandwidth Control

Our bandwidth control service allows you to control the speed offerings available to your guests without the need for significant network management. Offer WiFi services based on speed and billing options to avoid having bandwidth hogs.

Flexible Billing Options

Offer different billing options, providing your guest with increased flexibility. Charging to a guest room, offering free service in public areas, and providing VIP access are a few billing options that are all easy to set-up and manage with our system.

Optional Single Sign-On

Increase convenience for your guests by enabling this “remember me” functionality. This ensures that guests are not forced to authenticate their devices every time they return to your location, or as they roam around your hotel.

Customized WiFi Splash Page

Everything from look and feel, to welcome messaging, advertising, languages, and so much more. The design settings are specific to your network and hotel needs and we give you the tools to set-up and manage them.

WiFi Analytics Dashboard

Our dashboard provides you with actionable business intelligence in real-time to ensure that you are always making decisions with the most recent, or your historical guest WiFi information.

Flexible WiFi Authentication

You choose how to authenticate your users to your WiFi network. Leverage social media platforms, access codes, require email addresses, force terms and conditions acceptance; the options are limitless.

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