WiFi in Hotels: 

We started in hospitality in 1997 and a lot has changed in 20 years. Recently, "a survey conducted by has found that 49 percent of business travelers consider free WiFi a deciding factor when it comes to their choice of hotel." says an article in Forbes Magazine, and that number is only going to grow. Guests are carrying multiple devices in the form of watches, phones, tablets, health care aid, and so much more. Providing WiFi access that meets our expectations is a necessity in the hospitality market. However free is not good enough; the service must be excellent. Are you keeping up? 


What We Do For You: 

We started more than twenty years ago in the hospitality space and our products are never end-of-lifed. We were one of the founding members of HTNG (Hotel Technology Next Generation). We have achieved the Marriott GPNS certification. We have evolved, improved, and met the needs of these consumers better with every passing year. We know what to do when it comes to hospitality and we know how to give your guests an incredible experience while providing you with the best value. If you're wondering how we do this, take a look at the points below to learn more. 


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Our Products and Services for Hospitality

SolutionIP FLEX® does it all in the internet gateway space. It is a public access internet gateway that provides hotels, B&B's, chains, long-term stay sites, and even theme parks unparalleled flexibility and manageability to optimize their wireless network. 

We also have managed services, professional services, and site services at your disposal to assist in all phases of your project, including end-user support and customization for a high-quality WiFi experience.

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PMS & POS Integration

Everyone in the WiFi game says they do this, and we know that, but we know how important it is to you to connect these transactions into your PMS (property management system) and POS (point of sale).  We have an extensive list of major property management systems that we integrate with to ensure that any WiFi transactions post into your PMS. Posting makes your life easy when you're offering multiple service levels and ensures that you're keeping track of which guests are using what. 

Customer Support Services

We provide products and services that ensure that your guests are always able to get connected without any issues. If they do, however, encounter any troubles, they call our 24/7 support line who works through their problems to get them online. Your users are happy and you don't have to worry about taking calls from WiFi users. 

Fail Safe Redundancy System Available as an Add-On 

The fear of losing WiFi connectivity is very real and it is a nightmare for network managers to troubleshoot. To mitigate this concern for hotel IT staff and hotel managers, our Fail-Safe hot standby system ensures that your system never goes down. Should anything happen, the back-up will automatically fully restore your network giving you time to fix issues without impacting your guests. An urgent matter of no WiFi just turned into less of a concern. 

Analytics Engine

We want to prove your assumptions right. We want to support your purchasing decisions. We want to give you insight into your guests usage patterns to understand how to better serve them. Our analytics engine does all that, and more. We'll help you be proactive with vital systems to ensure that your business is operating smoothly. We'll give you usage data to share with your management and operations teams to ensure that they serve the guests well ensuring that they keep coming back. And for any Marriott properties: we will help you meet your analytics needs quickly and easily with our GPNS analytics created by our own development team. 

Bandwidth Control

Our bandwidth control service allows you to control the speed offerings available to your guests without the need for significant network management. Offering various bandwidth services associated with your various billing options ensures that certain guests aren't bandwidth hogs, causing frustration for other users. Just another way that we provide you with the flexibility to match your hotel operations. 

New Technologies 

Staying current with upcoming guest interfacing and entertain systems helps you diversify your property in a competitive market. Guests are looking for a unique experience and providing them with in-room, WiFi enabled devices can really set you apart. Properties are integrating home assistant technologies, employee communication tools, check-in kiosks, and so much more. Nearly all of these devices expect WiFi connectivity, and we help secure them on your network. 


Your guests are rarely tied to their room. They're moving around your facility checking out all the amazing amenities that you have to offer. They don't want to have to re-authenticate every time they leave or more around. We enable your guests to stay connected to your WiFi network so there is no need for them to re-authenticate their devices. This heightens the user experience which makes for happier guests and fewer complaints.   

Flexible Billing Options 

Your properties need the ability to offer different sign-on options for varying guest offers. Guests booking a package with WiFi included need a way to get online for free, whereas others may be required to pay for daily service. Charging to their room, offering free service in public areas, and providing VIP access are a few billing options that are all easy to set-up and manage. 

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