Internet of Things (IoT)

In a world of connected devices that are no longer directly connected to each employee, making decisions on what device gets access and what does not is not as straight forward as it seems. Having tools to enable logical decisions, physical segregation with access restrictions and bandwidth control to these devices is critical in order to remain in control.

With a lack of inherent integration capability or native security features built in, IoT and iIoT devices are a security nightmare. Securing them from intruders and preventing outsiders from gaining access to data is very important, but assuring those devices do not create back doors into your corporate network at the same time could be more critical.

Our custom IoT security solutions provide best practice device security logic and management for companies looking to deploy an array of sensors, meters, cameras or even maybe a small army of robot vacuum cleaners and multi-color light bulbs. Our Ability to logically segregate, restrict destination access, specify bandwidth and time of day operations are just a few of the many features we easily delivery in a policy driven gateway solution. We'll ensure that your devices have access to what they need, while keeping the un-trusted device networks from gaining access to corporate trusted networks.

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Outside Coming In

Do you have IoT networks that run independently of your systems today? SigFox, Weightless, NBIoT, etc, are just a few of the technologies enabling public sector, oil and gas, and manufacturing, to easily install sensors that will last for decades on just about anything. The bandwidth is low, but the security concerns are still the same. Our family of gateway and SDN products not only enable a simple way of on-boarding these devices, but restricting those that are there already and making sure they only have access to what they need.


Today's networks are built on relationships. If the IT Team trusts a hardware manufacturer, maybe we'll let that product sit on our corporate network. But with network and ICT security risks at an all time high, how are you reducing those risks while still enabling productivity tools access? We work with you on a new way to look at network trust. We create profiles and policies that take an IoT sensor, put it in its own network, and only allow that network to do what it has to in order to complete it's tasks; no more no less. Having an un-trusted network that deliveries many applications such as guest WiFi, IoT connections, AV networks, contractor access, vending machines, etc, and keep the trusted components on the inside is what our solutions do for you.


As an IT manager, how is it possible to keep all of the people in your company happy?  As soon as you get comfortable that you have things secured to a level that works for your company someone wants the new coffee maker that has an internet connection, then the smart light bulbs, desk fans, smart watches, speakers, toys, and what ever else will come to a gadget store near you. Some of these things will make the staff, students, faculty, bosses feel at home or make the environment fun,  but does anyone realize that its not that simple to give employees secure access to their things and give other employees a connection to theirs with out everyone having access to everything. We work with you to automate and secure IoT on-boarding by enabling  Personal Area Network  (PAN) technology and provide guest and BYOD access a whole new life with a self managed portal, while IT still maintains the control to set the rules. 


IoT devices come in all shapes, sizes and functions. They could be temperature sensors for a food services company, security devices, door sensors, traffic counters, and this list will always go on. What has not seemed to come to the forefront is a security platform standard across all of these devices. Some may need access to a server on premise, some require access to a cloud service, and others need both; but how can you be sure they are not a huge back (or front) door to your corporate network resources? Let us help assemble a network strategy that automates and secures access while making sure these devices are only doing what they need to, when they need to - safely and securely. 

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