Internet of Things (IoT) and SolutionInc 

The world of IoT has become increasingly complex and tangled and it may seem hard to keep up. Hospitality and businesses are implementing wirelessly operated security cameras, door access systems are commonplace, smart sensors and meters are becoming the norm with city operations; and the list goes on.

Many of these new technologies lack the security integrations and capabilities to ensure a secure user implementation experience, making them an operational nightmare. IT departments are expected to keep up with rapidly changing technology requirements, and without a proper installation and ongoing management, someone's technology experience is bound to suffer. 

This is where we at SolutionInc provide value; by providing a secure technical network infrastructure to ensure that you, your users, and your business are protected. Our CWNA certified technicians understand the complexities of network installation and management and how upcoming IoT changes will impact you. We will work to ensure that the guest, public or business network is not impacted by the operational IoT and smart technologies so as to provide an exceptional user experience. We will work with you, your partners and your vendors to ensure a smooth IoT onboarding experience while securing these IoT technologies to prevent an embarrassing technology breach.




Categories of SolutionInc IoT Partnerships

We have a sophisticated ecosystem of partnerships around the world and are always interested in learning about the latest opportunities for IoT companies and how we can assist with their implementations. These are some of our common IoT partnership categories: 

Business IoT

Health Care IoT

Hospitality IoT

Industrial IoT

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