Multi-Dwelling Units

Tenant WiFi & Entertainment Services
for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) 

Tenant technology expectations are increasing and the need for a simple and professional tenant entertainment solution is growing. New buildings are expected to have future proofed networks and a simple on-boarding experience, while existing buildings must keep up with on-going industry development.

We offer carrier-quality WiFi for residential, commercial, and multi-use buildings alongside our professional installation, management and support services to ensure the tenant experience runs smoothly. Choose to couple our patented WiFi solution with our television and phone services to offer your tenants an easy, current and competitive service without the hassle of working with multiple local carriers. 




Use SolutionInc For Your MDU WiFi and Entertainment

Our extensive knowledge with implementing and managing networks has primed us to offer a premium product and service offering for Multi Dwelling Unit type buildings. Our services ensure a timely and accurate WiFi and TV installation and our products offer a quality service that your tenants will be pleased to use. 

Customizable Tenant Entertainment Bundles

Allow tenants to choose their package offering, similar to how they typically would with a carrier.

Complete Installation Services

We have experience in designing and installing WiFi and TV services in existing buildings, or creating new infrastructure with a new building.

Corporate Branded Public WiFi

Ensure a consistently branded public WiFi experience in common areas such as party rooms and exercise facilities.

Tenant Television Services

Provide your tenants with a worry-free and modern TV experience with the major network channels.

Segregated Admin Network

We segregate your MDU IoT and smart technologies to ensure your operational tech is separate from your tenant network at a portion of the traditional cost.

Our Building Approach

Our experienced network technicians will survey your building for your required technical infrastructure to meet your business and guest objectives.

24/7/365 Network Monitoring & Support

Our Network as a Service offering is aimed at maintaining WiFi uptime for tenants and minimizing outage frustration.

24/7/365 Tenant Technical Support

Tenants have a 24/7 phone line and email address to contact if/when they have questions or concerns.

On Site Tenant Technical Support

For those tenants unable to install smart technologies on their own, we have an option to provide on site support.

Learn more about what we do in Vacation Rentals and Multi Dwelling Units by watching our video: 

SolutionInc Technical Support Toll free in North America 1.877.420.0077 
Outside North America 1.902.422.1619

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