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WiFi in the Public Sector:

Leading research, articles, and blogs all point to Smart Cities seeing significant growth in 2018. The IoT (internet of things) ecosystems are rapidly increasing, putting pressure on government and cities to expand their infrastructure to encompass more technology into their operations. From public WiFi networks, to smart lighting systems, traffic condition sensors, to security systems, cities are revolutionizing how we interact with our public areas. 


What We Do For You: 

The growing market for these revolutionary smart city projects requires an extensive, foundational and reliable WiFi network. We work with you to make your city, town, park, boardwalk, or government building a more integrated experience for vendors, staff, or the public. We ensure that your public network communicates your messaging effectively while your private network provisions resources appropriately for various management systems. We do this and so much more to ensure that your smart city accomplishes your objectives. If you're looking to learn a little more about what we do for the public sector, take a look at the points below. 


 Smart cities and WiFi connected areas are the way of the future. Let's make them a reality together. 

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Our Products and Services for the Public Sector

We offer both on premise and cloud solutions suiting any situation.

SolutionIP FLEX® Galaxy, is the next generation of Internet gateway. This cloud-based public access Internet gateway can service single or multiple business locations ensuring quality of service to all visitors.

If you're concerned about a cloud-based solution and looking for something on-premise, try SolutionIP FLEX®. This public access internet gateway provides government buildings, smart cities, municipalities, and parks with an easy-to-use platform with communication tools that still provides you with ease of management. 

We also have a variety of managed servicesprofessional services, and site services at your disposal to assist in all phases of your project, including end-user support and customization for a high-quality WiFi experience.

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Minimally Invasive Installations 

Ensuring that your WiFi and network hardware out of sight and cost effective is important to you, and so it's important to us. We'll ensure that the beauty and prestige of your area is not overridden with technical equipment and gear. We'll ensure that your location continues to look as authentic as possible. We're here to ensure that our solutions fit the WiFi expectations of your users so that they can capture the beauty of your location to share with their friends and family. 

Increase Communication 

Imagine reaching all of your stakeholders with a single platform in a single instance. Sometimes you need to communicate quickly and effectively to the public. In these situations, using our notification tools to blast a message to users on the WiFi network of an upcoming event, emergency protocol, or general communication cuts down on management time, while reaching a large target audience. 

Sometimes you'd like to communicate with the public in a non-invasive or emergent way. In this case, adding a survey to your WiFi authentication process allows you to gain valuable and actionable information from your users in a minimally invasive way. 

Business Intelligence Reports

We want to prove your assumptions right. We want to support your purchasing decisions. We want to give you insight into your guests usage patterns to understand how to better serve them. Our analytics engine does all that, and more. We'll help you be proactive with vital systems to ensure that your business is operating smoothly. We'll give you the information for your network with real-time and past date information. See trends in foot traffic, identify peaks and valleys in tourism, locate "in spots', and so much more. You'll know so much more about your network and will be able to make actionable business decisions with this data without being overwhelmed. 

Boost Social Media Engagement

The reality of today is that individuals want to immediately share their experiences with their social media friends. Posting rarely happens a few days later, as the experience is lost in the sea of everything else. By providing a public WiFi network in your city or park, you're ensuring that visitors have the ability to post, like, stream, share, and comment about your location. This increases your awareness with their social networks, which brings more travelers to your location. 

Advertising and Branding 

You have control over the branding of your platform. Everything from the look and feel, to welcome messaging, advertising, languages, and so much more. The settings specific to your network are customized based on every installation, which customizes how your vendors, staff or public interact with your network. Your marketing team, working alone or with outside parties, is able to advertise local events, engage with vendors on marketing strategies and push advertising, adjust color schemes and photographs to match season or events; the options are truly endless. You'll create a custom experience for your users which, in turn, will strengthen your messaging and awareness. 

Engage with Mobile Apps

Leverage the capital that you've spent on your mobile application by asking WiFi users to authenticate using this platform. If that doesn't suit you, pushing your users to the app once they've completed their authentication gets more eyes on your app, which in turn increases download rates. You engage your users and maximize on your app investment while users gain access to the important information that you have to share. 

Implement New Technology

Bringing new technologies to your city, municipality or park optimizes city operations while providing your vendors, staff and public with an advantage. Smart energy with lighting provides cities with information about usage assisting with management and replacement times, reducing costs. Traffic monitoring and smart parking tools allow make commuting in busy cities a more pleasant and timely experience, ensuring that your business commuters are able to get to work on time. The growing concern for these technologies is whether they are securely authenticating and utilizing the WiFi network. A breach to a network is embarrassing, expensive, and not acceptable. Our products ensure that your new partners and vendors are securely authenticating to your network without the hassle of needing boots on the ground. You're able to have the latest and greatest in technology for your city, without the concern of a breach looming over you. 

Want More? 

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