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Public WiFi Solutions 

WiFi connected cities, towns, communities, transit, parks, and attractions are increasing in popularity, making public WiFi access an expectation for these venues. Providing an affordable access solution that provides stable and foward thinking alternatives is important to any public venue. Use free WiFi access to drive traffic to otherwise slow areas, provide access codes at visitor information centres to increase community engagement, promote businesses and events using our WiFi marketing solutions, and even offer mobile transit hot spots to allow commuters time to work. All of these connectivity options are present in cities and municipalities all over the world; why not add yours? 



Use SolutionInc For Your Park, Boardwalk,
Tourist Attraction, or Venue

Our WiFi network experience with difficult and unique deployments both indoor and outdoor primes us to be your trusted partner in WiFi connectivity. Our products and services are broad and offer functionality for multiple languages and include unique access functionality for individuals with visual impairments. Engaging with your visitors is easy and cost effective with our WiFi tools. 

Outdoor WiFi Capabilities

Providing consistent WiFi access outside is tricky, but important to many public venues. Choosing the correct WiFi hardware vendor for your needs is imperative. We are hardware agnostic so allow us to work with you to find the right hardware to suit your climate and technical requirements.

Minimally Invasive WiFi Installations

Ensuring that your WiFi and network hardware is out of sight and cost effective is important to us. We will ensure that the beauty and prestige of your area is not overridden with technical equipment and gear. We will ensure that guests can share the beauty of your location without all the visible technology.

Satellite WiFi Options

For many remote or challenging locations, satellite WiFi is the only option. Connectivity can be challenging, and it is even more difficult to disperse the signal fairly. Allow us to work with your satellite vendor to ensure your network operates properly, providing a smooth user experience.

Implement New IoT Technologies

Provide your vendors, staff and public with an advantage by implementing technologies like smart lights, sensors, parking systems, or traffic monitors, improving your city operations. Our network experts will discuss how to onboard these technologies while ensuring they stay secure from breaches.

Increase Communication

Using our WiFi marketing and notification tools allows you to blast a message to users on the WiFi network to share upcoming event details, emergency or public health protocols, or general communication. This cuts down on management time, while reaching a large target audience.

Boost Social Engagement Using WiFi

By providing public WiFi access in your city or park, you are ensuring that visitors have the ability to post, like, stream, share, and comment about your location. This increases your awareness with their social networks, which brings more engagement, awareness, and travelers to your location.

Advertising and Branding

You have control over the branding of your platform. Everything from the look and feel, to welcome messaging, advertising, languages, and so much more. The settings specific to your network are customized based on every installation, which customizes how your vendors, staff or public interact with your network.

Language and Accessibility

Ensuring that all individuals can access your public WiFi network, regardless of impairment or language is important. We provide accessibility and language options to ensure everyone can get online to meet inclusivity standards and practices.

Secure Network

A public breach is awkward and decreases trust, which can be detrimental. That is why we place an emphasis on ensuring network security tools operate effectively to avoid the likelihood of a network breach and we also ensure that IoT technologies are segregated from public access to eliminate network gaps.

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