WiFi in Stadiums: 

Stadiums and Arenas are high demand and high throughput venues, where thousands of fans are looking to connect with the outside world using WiFi . There is a growing expectation from fans to be able to connect to their favorite websites and apps using WiFi and it's every stadiums job to make sure that connectivity is ready for them. Fans want to stream the concert they're attending, Snapchat their friends for a little football FOMO, or even do a little shopping instead of watching the winning play. Whatever your fans are trying to do, you're missing out if you don't offer them the fourth utility: WiFi. 


What We Do For You: 

First and foremost, we make sure that it works seamlessly in your high demand stadium and fans are able to gain access quickly. Our products and services also make surveying, installing, managing, and analyzing your network seamless and easy. We'll ensure that you have consistent coverage, top line technology, and products that enhance your brand. To dig deeper into the features and benefits of our products and services, take a gander at the points below. 

Let's create a game-winning WiFi experience together. 

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Our Products and Services for Stadiums and Arenas 

SolutionIP FLEX® does it all in the internet gateway space. It is a public access internet gateway that provides indoor, outdoor and multi-purpose stadiums and arenas unparalleled flexibility and manageability to optimize their wireless network. 

We also have managed services, professional services, and site services at your disposal to assist in all phases of your project, including end-user support and customization for a high-quality WiFi experience.

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Custom Branding 

You, of course, have control over the branding of your platform; we augment your brand. Everything from the look and feel, to welcome messaging, advertising, languages, and so much more. The settings specific to your network are customized based on every installation, which customizes how your guest interacts with your network. Your marketing team, working alone or with outside parties is able to complete design and messaging changes to promote upcoming events while still keeping the technical changes for your tech teams eyes only. Your brand will only be strengthened by this custom offering. 

On-Board Fans Quickly 

Your fans expect to be online in seconds and they don’t care that the network is being bombarded with thousands of people. Getting people online quick and easy is our specialty, and we even have threshold analytics so you can see if you’re reaching a maximum threshold on your network. 

Capitalize on Marketing Strategies

Show your fans videos, ask them to complete a survey, have them opt into email campaigns, have them download your app; all of these strategies are available as sign-on requirements to help you build on your brand and drive more incremental revenue for your stadium. You get to be creative and capitalize on a new revenue stream. Could you bring in advertising dollars with a new strategy through your WiFi? 

WiFi Analytics

We would love to prove your assumptions right. We would love for our analytics to help you make purchasing decisions. We want you keep your vendors happy by ensuring the have constant and reliable Internet access. Our analytics engine does all that, and more. We'll help you be proactive with vital systems to ensure that your network is operating smoothly. Smoothly run operations make for less down time which makes for happier vendors, VIPs, and fans. 

Tiered Services 

Tiered services enables you to be in control of which fan, VIP or vendor, is getting which service. Allowing them to choose the service that best suits their needs, whether they be free or paid for, ensures that they get the experience that they're craving. There are multiple ways to offer tiered services; such as based on speed, for season ticket holders, for location of seats, number of devices, pricing, time of usage, and many others. The point is, you have control of what WiFi offerings are available, which means that you have control of your fans experience. 

Advanced Network Management

Your stadium operates unlike any other enterprise or corporate network. You have thousands of fans showing up on your network and suddenly live streaming video to their friends and family, while others video call their friends who couldn’t make it, and a few others are trying to upload 360 Video. We offer fair access for your fans to your network dynamically or with policy based user management which ensures that everyone is able to access their content.  Our integration services allows us to integrate with most property management systems, control and automation systems and whatever other content or advertising system that you have. You have more sophisticated network management while your fans gain access to their content. 

Offer New Services to Enhance Fan Experience 

Without WiFi, you will lose out on additional revenue streams through add-ons, which will ultimately impact your bottom line. Blow your fans away with convenient new services that enhance their experience. Services such as bathroom line-up estimations, ordering concessions, watching instant replays, and seat upgrades all enhance the fan experience and generate incremental revenue for your stadium.  

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Fans are accustomed to using social media to gain access to different technology. Using this to engage with your fans gives you a channel to connect with them which increases your brand awareness. 

Want More? 

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