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It should be no surprise that many patrons deem free store WiFi as a key amenity for their shopping experience, particularly with the increase in at-home, online shopping. Shoppers need a reason to leave the comfort of their homes and engage in the in-person shopping experience. Providing your shoppers with easy access to coupons, location based services, wayfinding tools, and so much more to provide them with a unique shopping experience all rely on your WiFi network. Also consider the increasing popularity of curbside pick-up, where it becomes crucial for a shopper to notify you of their arrival for a timely delivery service, making a properly distributed WiFi network critical to success.  Let us assist you with properly configuring your retail network. 




Use SolutionInc WiFi For Your Retail Outlet, Store, or Shopping Mall

We work with you to ensure that your WiFi experience is seamless for your shoppers and easy for you to manage. Our products and services empower your team to focus on increasing shopper engagement and encouraging repeat visits so your business flourishes. 

Identify Traffic Patterns and Trends

Understanding the store foot traffic patterns allows you to market and position your strategies. Our WiFi services provide you with these detailed analytics to ensure that you understand your shopper's favorite stores so that you can identify how to best serve them.

Centralized Management for Multiple Locations

Using our WiFi management tools, you will be able to monitor and manage all of your locations' WiFi from one central platform which provides you with ease of management, quick time to resolution, and the convenience of being anywhere.

Increase Shopper Engagement

We will work with you to provide your shoppers with WiFi enabled convenience to find the best deal, engage with your on social media, develop a relationship with anyone who enters your store, and use bricks and mortar to build online customers.

Secure New IoT Technologies

Our custom IoT (internet of things) security solutions provide best practice device security logic and management. This allows retail outlets or shopping malls to deploy an array of new sensors, meters, and other devices such as smart lights or wayfinding technologies securely.

Increase Patron Communication

Using our WiFi marketing and notification tools allows you to blast a message to users on the WiFi network to share upcoming event details, emergency or public health protocols, or general communication. This cuts down on management time, while reaching a large target audience.

Boost Social Engagement Using WiFi

By providing public WiFi access in your mall, outlet or shop, you are ensuring that patrons have the ability to connect with your brand using their mobile device. This increases your awareness with their social networks, which brings more engagement, awareness, and shoppers to your location.

Advertising and Branding

You have control over the branding of your WiFi access platform. Everything from the look and feel, to welcome messaging, advertising, languages, and so much more. The settings specific to your network are customized based on every installation, which customizes how your stores or the public interacts with your network.

Market Directly to Frequent or One-Time Users

We are able to tell you whether your shoppers are shopping with you for the first time or if they've come back for more. Also using one one our various WiFi authentication methods (like email addresses, mobile app, or social media), helps you to connect with shoppers in alternative avenues to open the door to marketing offers.

Increased Length of Stay

We believe that providing your shoppers with convenient access to WiFi will increase their length of stay with your store or shopping centre as they'll continue to stay connected to what they need online. They no longer have to rush home to gain access to their content, they can enjoy their typical social media or news sites from the comfort of your space.

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