WiFi for Planes, Trains and Automobiles 

Communications matter now more than ever; and remaining connected during your travels is becoming a passenger expectation. Whether you are a public transportation hub, airport, marina, ferry terminal or traffic corridor, having a secure and reliable WiFi network is a complex and important part of your business. Our extensive experience in difficult network deployments in public WiFi and outdoor deployments has primed us to provide exceptional WiFi products and services to your transportation venue or service. Optimize your passenger experience with mobile connectivity and optimize operations through value-added passenger services. 

Our professional network services provide you with an actionable and flexible plan and design to ensure your WiFi network meets the goals of you and your passengers. Couple those services with our patented WiFi authentication and marketing tools to provide a full service WiFi package, allowing you to focus on other pressing projects. 




Use SolutionInc WiFi For Your Marina, Airport,
Public Transit or Station 

Our WiFi and Network services are aimed at providing an exceptional passenger WiFi experience, while ensuring it is easy for your to manage and monitor. We will provide you with a cost effective, future-proofed solution that will encourage passenger usage and offer you operational efficiencies. 

Complex Network Deployments

We do not shy away from a challenge and thrive on difficult public WiFi deployments. If your transportation venue is in a remote location, has complex equipment and operations, does not fit the traditional mold, or has unique requirements, we are your partner to help get the job done.

Outdoor WiFi Capabilities

Providing consistent WiFi access outside is tricky, but important to many transportation types. Choosing the correct WiFi hardware vendor for your needs is imperative. We are hardware agnostic so allow us to work with you to find the right Internet provider and WiFi hardware to suit your climate and technical requirements.

Enable New Passenger Technologies

Today’s transportation venues are more complex than ever before. IoT sensors, security cameras, and passenger systems are also critical components. We will work with you to select, design, and integrate these new technologies securely into your network environment providing you and your passenger with an optimal experience.

Satellite WiFi Options

For many remote or challenging locations, satellite WiFi is the only option. Connectivity can be challenging, and it is even more difficult to disperse the signal fairly. Allow us to work with your satellite vendor to ensure your network operates properly, providing a smooth passenger experience.

Boost Social Engagement Using WiFi

By providing public WiFi access on your bus or in your station, you are ensuring that passengers have the ability to post, like, stream, share, and comment about your location. This increases your awareness with their social networks, which brings more engagement, awareness, and travelers to your location.

Increase Communication

Using our WiFi marketing and notification tools allows you to blast a message to passengers on the WiFi network to share upcoming schedule changes, emergency or public health protocols, or general communication. This cuts down on management time, while reaching a large target audience.

Advertising and Branding

You have control over the branding of your platform. Everything from the look and feel, to welcome messaging, advertising, languages, and so much more. The settings specific to your network are customized based on every installation, which customizes how your staff and passengers interact with your network.

Language and Accessibility

Ensuring that all individuals have access your public WiFi network, regardless of impairment or language barrier is important. We provide accessibility and language options to ensure everyone can get online to meet inclusivity standards and practices.

Secure Network

A public breach is awkward and decreases trust, which can be detrimental. That is why we place an emphasis on ensuring network security tools operate effectively to avoid the likelihood of a network breach and we also ensure that IoT technologies are segregated from public access to eliminate network gaps.

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