WiFi in Transportation:

From our experience in airports, ferry terminals, trains, buses and traffic corridors, we've found that travelers are expecting more WiFi enabled travel tools like mobile ticketing to instant travel itinerary updates.Without reliable, fast Internet access, travelers are left to be bored, cranky, and disconnected while they wait for their journey to start or continue, which puts pressure on your customer service teams. To ensure a pleasant experience for your travelers and staff, you need a public WiFi network. 


What We Do For You: 

Our products and services ensure that you have and easy to implement and manage solution that provides your travelers with WiFi access during their journey. We ensure that your public WiFi network communicates your messaging effectively while your private network provisions resources appropriately for new management technologies. We do this and so much more to ensure that your marina, airport, terminal, train station, or transportation hub accomplishes your objectives. If you'd like to learn more about what we do in transportation, have a gander at the points below. 


Let's provide your travelers with fast and reliable WiFi access together. 

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Our Products and Services for Transportation 

SolutionIP FLEX® Galaxy, is the next generation. This cloud-based public access Internet gateway can service marinas, airports, terminals, train stations, and any other transportation hub. We always ensure a high quality of service to all travelers so they are able to access WiFi while they are on the move. 

If you're concerned about a cloud-based solution and looking for something on-premise, try SolutionIP FLEX®. This on-premise Internet gateway provides you with the security and manageability of hardware on site, with a high quality and seamless experience for travelers. 

Whether you have a high traffic airport or a seasonal ferry terminal, we also have a variety of managed servicesprofessional services, and site services at your disposal to assist in all phases of your project, including end-user support and customization for a high-quality WiFi experience.

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Customized Branding 

You have control over the branding of your platform. Everything from the look and feel, language options, welcome messaging, advertising, languages, and so much more. The settings on your WiFi network are customized based on every installation, which customizes how your travelers interact with your network. Have your marketing team work with terminal vendors on advertising strategies, adjust color schemes and photography to match seasons; the options are endless. You'll create a custom experience for your users which, in turn, will strengthen your brand. 

Implement New Technology

Bringing new technologies to your marinas, airports, terminals, train stations,or transportation hub optimizes operations while providing your travelers with an advantage. Smart energy with lighting providers you with cost savings while assisting with management and replacement. Runway or baggage monitoring ensures faster loading and offloading times, turning around your travelers faster. GPS tracking functionality enables faster location times should a package go missing. Bringing in this new technology with a secure WiFi network ensures that devices are managed and secured appropriately to avoid any embarrassing of troublesome situations. You're able to have the latest and greatest in technology, without the concern of a breach looming over you. 

Entertainment & Connectivity 

Everyone has experienced delays when travelling (especially in the winter), and there is nothing worse than having no entertainment while you hunker down and wait out a weather delay. Providing your travelers with access to WiFi ensures that they stay entertained & connected with their outside world, keeping them happy. It enables travelers to download entertainment apps prior to flights, connect with concerned family members abroad, finish work assignments, and stay engaged while they wait. This helps your customer service staff focus on other priorities to help passengers keep moving. 

Customized Navigation 

When a traveler signs onto your WiFi network, you have the ability to push them anywhere that fits your business. Airports commonly send users to their arrival and departures site, a ferry terminal would send users to a departure schedule, and marina would send users to an events calendar for their club house; the options are endless and completely up to you. 

Flexible Service Options 

Tiered sign-on options allows you to decide how you offer WiFi access. Including WiFi has part of a marina slip rental, providing fleet drivers with complimentary access and a customized portal, providing an access code for a pass holder, offering complimentary access to frequent flyers and a paid service offering for others are all available options (to name a few). Offering different network rules, such as limiting time or bandwidth are also available and easy to set-up. By diversifying your WiFi sign-on options, you have the chance to grow a new revenue stream for your business. 

Bandwidth Control  

Our bandwidth control service allows you to control the speed offerings available to your travelers without the need for significant network management. Offering various bandwidth services ensures that travelers using a streaming service are not hogging the bandwidth from users who are trying to check their email. In turn, all of your travelers are able to coexist on the same network with shared bandwidth.  Just another way that we enable you to make business changes that work for you. 

Actionable Business Intelligence

We love proving your assumptions right. We strive to give you justification to make decisions. We work to help you keep your travelers happy by ensuring that they have constant and reliable Internet access. Our analytics engine does all that, and more. We'll help you be proactive with vital systems to ensure that your network is operating smoothly. We'll provide you with a central location to track usage data and information mining without the confusion that big data brings. You'll have smoothly run operations and increased knowledge into your travelers to ensure that they have constant access while they continue their journey. 

Capitalize on Marketing Strategies

Show your travelers videos, invite them to complete a survey, have them opt into email campaigns; all of these strategies are available as sign-on requirements to help you build on your brand and drive more incremental revenue for your transportation business. Your marketing team gets to be creative by engaging with outside vendors and drive advertising dollars by integrating their promotion or announcement into your WiFi platform. We also integrate with the largest CRM platforms which means that these marketing campaign is easily generated and tracked from your existing tools. 

Want More? 

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