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Your vacation/short term rental business is growing and with that, becoming increasing complex and tangled, likely causing you stress. We take a holistic approach to understanding your business objectives and customer experience goals and match those with our WiFi and entertainment technology or that of our partners. Our services and experience out number the traditional residential service offering, allowing us to serve as an experienced and trusted advisor. 

From branded WiFi with data collection methods, to television packages offering consolidated billing, or our professional installation services to make it all happen smoothly; you will have the confidence that our team will provide your guests and staff with a stellar experience. 




Use SolutionInc For WiFi and Entertainment Services
in Your Rental Properties

We have worked in hospitality for more than twenty years and our products and services have evolved and grown to suit the constantly changing needs and preferences of modern travellers. If you are concerned about operational savings in your vacation rental portfolio, or need more branding opportunities and loads of features, trust that we have everything to provide your guests with a stellar WiFi experience at your short or long term rental properties. 

Our Building Approach

Our experienced network technicians will survey your building for your required technical infrastructure to ensure that you are meeting your business and guest WiFi and entertainment objectives.

Operational Efficiencies

Utilizing a single, experienced WiFi and TV provider ensures smooth operations. Our centrally delivered, high-end products and services are designed to help your team operate quicker and with fewer surprises.

Guest and Staff Support

Our Support Services provide your guests and staff with a 24/7/365 help desk to get their devices connect to WiFi or troubleshoot an issue on the ground. This minimizes downtime and ensures a timely remedy.

Professional Entertainment Package

Our full service entertainment package offers you TV, guest WiFi and IP based phone systems with a single provider nation-wide in Canada and the USA.

Consolidated Billing

Our consolidated billing provides your team with one bill for all SolutionInc TV, WiFi and Support services nationwide, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple internet and TV accounts.

Guest WiFi Data Collection

Use your WiFi as a touchless method to collect guest data from all guests in order to maintain loyalty, encourage feedback, and promote repeat bookings.

Guest Analytics

Our dashboard provides you with actionable business intelligence in real-time to ensure that you are always making decisions with the latest information on your WiFi.

Administrative WiFi Network

Keep your administrative network with your important operational IoT gear separate from that of your guests. Keeping your network segregated increases security and lessons the potential for hacking risks.

Technical Expertise

Rely on our global team of experienced network technicians to provide you with the most up-to-date and reliable information on your buildings network installations.

Learn more about what we do in Vacation Rentals and Multi Dwelling Units by watching our video: 

We are proud Elite Partners of Commscope Ruckus, providing us with Enterprise Grade WiFi Hardware for many years. 

SolutionInc Technical Support Toll free in North America 1.877.420.0077 
Outside North America 1.902.422.1619

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