WiFi Management For Vacation Rentals

Wi-Fi in Vacation Rentals: 

Vacation Rental properties are dominating the hospitality industry. Consumers love the ease, flexibility, and comfort of renting an authentic home, condo, apartment, beach house, or cabin in the location of their choice.   This new and emerging market has few industry standards for providing Wi-Fi services to guests.   We provide a fully managed Wi-Fi service for vacation rental owners.  The system is cost effective, easy to install and collects valuable customer information providing the rental owners with a client database that they can use to market to their customers. Customized services such as TV’s and phones are available as well. While these services cannot be purchased on this website please contact us to discuss further.  Let us be your one stop shop to provide these triple play services.


What We Do For You: 

We have been in the business of Wi-Fi for more than 20 years. We know how to keep things simple for you while still maintaining a high end, feature rich product. Our easy to install Wi-Fi Kit empowers you with the tools to collect client information so you can  engage your guests through social platforms, marketing, monitor usage, and  provide your guest with the ultimate Wi-Fi experience. You no longer need to worry about complex install processes and lack of information on your guests. We have you covered.

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Our Products and Services for Vacation Rentals 

Our self install Wi-Fi kit allows you to be in charge of your guests’ Wi-Fi experience quickly and easily. Order online and have a kit delivered to your door with everything you need to have a secure guest Wi-Fi network up and running in your rental property. 

We also have a variety of managed servicesprofessional services, and site services at your disposal to assist in all phases of your project, including end-user support and customization for a high-quality Wi-Fi experience.  We provide a triple play service that will provide you with Wi-Fi, TV and Phones; contact us to learn more.

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Guest Analytics 

Never before have you had this much empowerment to engage your guests. Our Wi-Fi  online dashboard  enables you to access guest usage patterns and email addresses in order to appropriately engage your guests  for future visits. Build your social media presence, grow your guest database, market to your customers and gain a new understanding of your clientele all through our easy to navigate analytics engine. 

Email Marketing

Not having access to guest contact information  is a common challenge with 3rd party booking platforms. Using our  Wi-Fi kit you are able to collect email addresses and phone numbers allowing you to build and maintain a guest database  giving you the ability to communicate and market to your customers. Anyone who accesses the network (which let's be honest, will be almost everyone who walks into your property), must opt in, ensuring that you have an accurate picture of who is entering your property providing you with valuable business intelligence to make informed decisions and create customized marketing campaigns

Easy To Install Kit 

Ordering online is quick and easy. A kit is mailed to your doorstep with everything that you need to get your Wi-Fi network up and running for your rental property. You no longer have the fumble with complex instructions and confusing hardware. If you have multiple sites with additional complexity or customization, we would be happy to have our installations team work with you to match this kit to your exact specifications. 

Security for your Guests

How often have you read articles stating "do not use the Wi-Fi at a rental property"? This is a real concern for your guests that many do not truly understand - and it can impact you. We have software in place that prevents a rogue hacker from accessing the data of your guests keeping everyone's information safe. You and your guests have the peace of mind knowing that you will never be that made news story with our products. 

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