Conference Creo

Conference Creo

Make meeting room network management easy with Conference Creo. 

Network configuration for conferences is a very manual task requiring multiple IT staff to manually plan, configure and deploy customized network settings for each conference. With Creo, these tasks are automated allowing non technical staff to be able to create and schedule network resources for meetings and events within your venue. 

Let us help you free up time and energy to focus on your important issues of the day instead of focusing on your conference network management. 

More About Conference Creo:

Conference Creo is a revolutionary software program that gives conference and event administrators the ability to quickly and easily plan, create, schedule and manage conferences and events. With this product, we have automated the technical aspects of planning, preparing, and enabling the WiFi network services necessary for a successful event. This helps your team operate more efficiently, leaving them wondering what to do with all of their new found time. 


Creo has novel of a feature list so we'll cut it down to the "coles notes" version: 



Plan and create future and recurring conferences easily

Our management tool ensures that anyone, from the techiest IT person, to the least savvy individual on site, is able to plan and create these conference networks. We do all the hard work for you during installation to ensure that your network is set-up properly and all you have to do is set some welcome page text and what areas apply to the conference. 

Logically configure the WiFi Network to meet your conference size

Having one or multiple conferences at the same time are easily all configured within the management portal. Designating a different welcome page or sign-on process along with the spaces available for access ensure that you have full customization for each conference. Creo gives you the flexibility to set-up the conferences how you see fit. 

Schedule and allocate network resources on a per conference basis

We know that each conference is slightly different and a little unique. You need to be able to customize the WiFi zones for each conference. The beauty of Creo is that you can plan out your network resources ahead of time so that they automatically change based on the date, time and space that you specify. 

Manage conferences and events from a centralized web-based dashboard

You have access to a single management tool that empowers you to make the network changes necessary for your conferences. It's easy to have multiple logins for multiple staff and is accessible from any mobile device. Making changes on the fly couldn't be easier. 

Create conference templates for current and future events in advance

Setting up the conference configuration means that you have everything done before any attendee, bride, or meeting planner arrives. Everything will automatically start, stop, and reconfigure based on the rules that you've put in place. Using templates keeps things easy for you so you don't have to recreate the wheel every time. All this work and you don't even need to be on site. 


Conference Creo WorkFlow 



If you feel like we've missed something, drop us a note and we'll fill in the blanks.

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