SolutionIP FLEX®

SolutionIP FLEX®

SolutionIP FLEX is our bread and butter; it is the business of WiFi.

We've evolved, improved, and exceeded the needs of our customers with this product through changing markets and trends, and we aren't done yet. We've thrived in existing and emerging markets due to the strength and flexibility of FLEX's feature sets (hint: guess where the name came from). We've been on a long journey with FLEX and we're confident in it serving your needs.    

This products' pedigree showcases the depth and breadth of our experience. 

The Details on SolutionIP FLEX®:

SolutionIP FLEX gets people online effortlessly while offering you the flexibility in your network configuration that you need.  Using our captive portal functionality, it is designed to create a world-class user sign-on experience in high demand public areas through wired and WiFi Internet access. Easy to install and manage, it provides multiple customization options to make your WiFi offering specific to your industry and brand. We will help you generate revenue and cultivate happy customers with SolutionIP FLEX. 


We couldn't possibly list all the features of FLEX without writing a novel, but here are a few: 



Multiple devices linked to a single user registration

Today, users are traveling with multiple devices which are tricky to associate to a single person. We're able to associate all of those devices with a single user when they sign-in, giving you a single user to manage. 

Limitation of multiple devices

Choosing to charge users for multiple devices/registrations is quick and easy. In fact, deciding upon multiple tiers of payment strategies is available so that you can monetize your WiFi network and ensure that you're providing the offering that you're looking for. 

Responsive design

Do we even need to mention this? Today, everything is mobile responsive because we're surfing and checking everything through our devices. Everything that we do keeps the mobile age in mind. 

Business intelligence

Knowing how your users are consuming data and moving throughout your space can bring power. Power for you to make actionable business decisions. Whether you have a single site or multiple, our analytics engine provides you with insights to help you make decisions. 

Multi-lingual and accessibility features

Our products are designed for whatever languages service your markets. Users access the Internet regardless of their language or accessibility situation, which provides the system more value for you. 

Centralized management and global policy settings

Making changes to multiple sites can be done quickly and easily from a single portal. Your IT team can be moving throughout your facility, or completely remote, and still make necessary changes. This provides you with flexibility in deciding who and how your network gets managed. 

Fully automated redundancy available

As an add-on service, we provide our Fail Safe product to ensure that your system never goes down. Should anything happen, the back-up will fully restore your network giving you time to fix your issues without impacting your guests. An urgent matter of no WiFi just turned into less of a concern. 

Custom Integrations 

Choose from our long list of third party integrations to ensure optimal operations for your marketing or operations teams. Contact us to learn more about the third parties that we integrate with. 

Private Network Groups 

Private Network Group functionality provides a secure WiFi connection that enables the guest, student, tenant, or staff member with a portal to on-board their own devices, eliminating a hassle for your network managers. This creates a secure network within your larger network infrastructure. Empower your users with their own secure mini network by utilizing our Private Network Group module. 

Full service package

Choosing to go with our managed and professional services, along with our gateway ensures that you have all the necessary tools to provide outstanding WiFi as a service. Continue to be an expert in your industry and let us handle the WiFi. 


SolutionIP FLEX WorkFlow


If you feel like we've missed something, drop us a note and we'll fill in the blanks.

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