SolutionIP FLEX® Cloud

SolutionIP FLEX® Cloud

Our SolutionIP FLEX Cloud product is all about making your life easier with WiFi. 

We know that you need you WiFi, and we know that you do not have time to spend on it because you're busy focusing on your core business. FLEX Cloud takes the complexity out of set-up and management of your WiFi network while still providing a consistent and branded experience to your clientele. 

WiFi may not be what you sell, but it is important for your business. 


The Details on SolutionIP FLEX® Cloud:

SolutionIP FLEX Cloud offers a fully managed wireless network structure that minimizes on-site management. Using our captive portal functionality, it is designed to create a world-class user sign-on experience in public areas through wired and WiFi Internet access. Easy to install and manage multiple sites from a single dashboard, it provides you with multiple customization options to make your WiFi offering specific to your industry and brand. Our products and services will help you generate revenue while nurturing relationships with your happy customers. 


You would be here a while if we listed all the features of FLEX Cloud, so here are just a few: 



Cloud based solution resulting in minimal hardware requirements 

This cloud based WiFi management platform authenticates users through Access Points (APs) over a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) through the use of a router connected to an Internet Service Provider.  This keeps the hardware at a minimum to provide you with a quick and easy installation. 

Dynamic licensing 

Partners with multiple properties may dynamically assign user licenses as the demand changes. This allows for unique customization for consistently changing markets with optimal customer flexibility.


FLEX Cloud ensures that your WiFi network has the capacity to grow to suit your needs quickly and dynamically. It easily grows with added users without impacting speed, quality or service regardless of venue size.

Business intelligence



Understanding how your users are consuming data what locations they are frequenting brings you power. Power for you to make actionable business decisions to help improve upon your operations. Whether you have one small site or multiple large locations, our analytics engine will provide you with insights that you didn't know were available. 

Centralized management and global policy settings

Managing multiple locations is challenging, making a single point of management key. With our products, you have a single dashboard to assist in managing all your WiFi networks. This provides your IT team with the flexibility to make changes while being onsite roaming your location, or remote. 

Responsive design


Do we even need to mention this? Today, everything is mobile responsive because we're surfing and checking everything through our devices. Everything that we do keeps the mobile age in mind. 

Full service package



Choosing to go with our managed and professional services, along with our gateway ensures that you have all the necessary tools to provide outstanding WiFi as a service. Continue to be an expert in your industry and let us handle the WiFi. 

Multi-lingual and accessibility features


Our products are designed for whatever languages service your markets. Users access the Internet regardless of their language or accessibility situation, which provides the system more value for you. 

Connect with users 

Communicating with your users provides your team with the tools to increase awareness and business. Whether you're communicating event schedules, engaging in social media, or emergency information, you'll have the ability to connect with your users. Authentication methods may incorporate your social media platforms, opting into contact lists, or capturing email addresses.   All of these methods (and many other options), are available to help you connect with users more. 

Tiered services 

You have the ability to decide whether you want your WiFi to open up a new revenue stream by charging for certain levels of access, or simply offer it as a complimentary service. Service offerings are easily limited through bandwidth or time access to ensure that no one user is monopolizing your network. Just a few other ways that we cater our products to your business needs. 


Curious and want to learn more? Drop us a note and we'll fill in the blanks.

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