Professional Services

Professional Services

Our Professional Services group provides a wide range a services to our customers and partners based upon their needs and requirements. As your trusted adviser, our Professional Services Consultants advise and suggest strategies and solutions that will make your decisions easy and worry free. 

Let us carry the weight of your project so you implement your networks seamlessly. 

More About Professional Services: 

We offer a wide variety of professional services to make your network installation a breeze. It's important that your project gets under way quickly, seamlessly, and stress free; that's what we're here for. 

 Project Management

We are project managers that ensure that all of the customers’ needs are met within timeline and budget constraints. The focus is to identify what the customer wishes to achieve and to ensure that it is achieved in the most effective manner. We'll assist in planning, configuration, training, and everything in between. We're here to ensure the best implementation plan is followed to suit your unique requirements.


Our professional service engineers will assist with the implementation of the service provider’s system on-site or remotely using VPN or secure network access from our headquarters. Once the service provider’s core team are comfortable with the system in the lab environment, we will define the scope, objectives, requirements, and everything in between to meet your implementation plan. 

 WiFi Network Consulting

Public Access WiFi will only be as good as your total network can accommodate. Why not ensure that your entire infrastructure is working together effectively when you make the decision to add WiFi for your patrons? We evaluate the communications network to ensure that the addition of a robust public access Internet solution will operate efficiently and effectively in your overall technology architecture.

 WiFi Network Design

From coverage to density, interference to capacity, network design can be challenging if you don't have the appropriate expertise. Our network services provide you with the expertise you need to create a well-designed solution and ensure that you have an efficient installation and deployment. We accommodate your business needs to ensure that transition is well-managed with minimal downtime.

 Specialized Services and Customization

Our products have been designed with the ability to meet the requirements of all stakeholders within an organization. Should you require a custom feature, we work with you on the requirements and scope and execute your request so that you get the solution that fits your needs like a glove. Our development team is experienced in creating specialty features and integration requirements.

 Custom Development

Service providers that wish to have customization's work with our professional service team to scope and execute your request so that you get the solution that fits your needs. Our development team is experienced in creating specialty features and integration requirements

 System Integration

We provide integration consulting and programming to interface with third party systems such as billing and management systems, reporting modules, and video-on-demand systems. Our professional service engineers have experience with a wide variety of industry standard systems.  


As part of a customer’s implementation plan, we provide training in a variety of methods (in person or remotely). Sessions include training in first, second and third level support; training in advanced installation and management to help minimize customers’ downtime and challenges; and train-the-trainer courses.  

For customers with unique training needs, the Professional Services Team will work with them to develop and provide customized training sessions. 

 Urgent / dedicated support services 

We provide professional services to customers who need dedicated engineers to support critical events remotely or on-site. These types of services are billed on by the time and materials used to complete the work.  If customer’s network infrastructure has major issues and requires urgent support to restore the system, our professional service engineers will urgently deliver services to rebuild or recover the system. 

 IP Management Consulting

Our professional service engineers have the education and experience to provide consulting on many levels. We provide consulting services for a wide variety of projects, including:

  • Proposal creation and management
  • Vendor evaluations and recommendations
  • On-going vendor management
  • Security
  • Procurement

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