Temperature Sensing Robot

We are excited to offer our Temperature Sensing Robot for health protection against the COVID-19 virus. Mounted in your entryway or utilized with the free standing tripod, this sensor tests every individual for a heightened temperature, a critical indicator of the virus. Help stop the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace by implementing this critical tool. 

More details on our Temperature Sensing Robot: 


Positive or Negative Messaging

The device will scan the individual, will display their temperature on the screen, and provide them with a positive or negative test result. By default, the device rejects any individual who registers a temperature over 37.3 degrees Celsius, although this temperature is customizable.

Photograph of Failed Tests

Any individual who tests negative will automatically be photographed as proof of their negative test result. These images are then saved locally for access by the organization. The customer must provide a windows machine/laptop with two available USB ports in order to store historical data and imagery. This machine must reside within 5ft of the temperature sensing robot.

Temperature Sense

Heightened temperature has been proven as a key indicator of the COVID-19 virus and therefore allows organizations to prevent the spread amongst their team members. This device scans an individual for their temperature, displays it, and offers the individual a positive or negative result.

Customizable Set-Up

Organizations have the choice to have this sensor mounted on a wall or mounted using the included tripod stand. The height and angle adjustment will ensure that this device meets any teams needs.


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